Pokémon Go’s multiplayer raids are live, but only for players level 35 and up

Pokemon Go Raids

Pokémon Go’s eagerly anticipated massively multiplayer Raid Battles are now live, but only for players level 35 and up.

These elite level Pokémon Go players are now able to start taking down super-strong Pokémon together, with the feature being released to lower-levelled trainers at some point in the next few days, according to Niantic.

The developer made the Raid availability announcement via the game’s official Twitter account, resulting in a mixed response, with some players being happy the feature has launched, while other’s complained that they won’t be able to use them yet.

It’s important to keep in mind that the level 35 and up exclusive availability of Raids is only for a limited period of time, and that a broader expansion of the feature is coming soon. Raids allow a group of up to 20 players to battle together against a powerful Pocket Monster, likely of the legendary variety.

Since I’m still a lowly level 21, I haven’t been able to test out Pokémon Go’s new Raid feature. When it is released more broadly, however, it’ll definitely give me a reason to start playing Niantic’s still-popular mobile game again.

In other Pokémon Go related news, the game’s revamped gyms, which feature a new structure and additional ‘Prestige’ and ‘Motivation’ levels, recently went live.

Update 06/23/17: Players level 31 and up are now able to try Raid Battles as of 12:30 p.m. ET today.