Unicode 10 officially releases with 56 new emoji, including faces and food items

Emoji Unicode 10 update

Unicode 10 has been officially released to the public, adding 56 new emoji for users to spruce up their messages with.

A beta list highlighting some of the new emoji was previously revealed in March.

Some of the emoji included in the new update are:

    • a woman with a headscarf
    • a face with symbols over the mouth (like he’s cursing)
    • a shushing face
    • a fairy
    • a mermaid
    • a broccoli
    • a pretzel

A full list can be found here.

It’s worth noting that Apple is a part of the Unicode Consortium that designs these emoji, so there’s speculation that they might be added to the company’s suite of phones as part of this year’s iOS 11 update.

Unicode 10 also introduces 8,518 characters, bringing Unicode to a total 136,690 characters, as well as four new scripts, leading to 139 in total.

For more on emoji, check out the trailer for Sony’s upcoming Emoji Movie, which releases on July 18th.

Via: 9to5Mac