Sony’s first full trailer for The Emoji Movie will make you rethink your life


  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    It’s so hard to understand why Sony Pictures has trouble making money with pure gold like that being pumped out…

    • I have never laughed so hard

  • Omis

    Will I want to kill myself if I watch it?

  • I can’t tell if this post is sarcastic or sincere. After “lug at heartstrings” and a Shakespeare reference, I am a bit baffled.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    “Sony has released the first trailer for its upcoming Emoji Movie and it’s quite possibly the greatest trailer ever produced.”

    OK, stop right there…are you saying you can’t think of a better trailer? Really?

    Art is dead…

  • Jason

    From a failing movie studio, a movie that will bring low to average reviews, that no one asked for, Sony Animation Works presents, The Poop Joke Movie