Android O Developer Preview 3 is now available


  • Roger

    One vote for Oreo.

    • Zee

      Two votes for Oreo

  • bcsc

    When I flashed the Dev 2, I had issues with MMS on Rogers not sending or receiving. Can anyone confirm whether this is fixed or not?

    • _17chan

      Oh wow, it’s not just me then! Also with Rogers, also had issues. Assumed it was just me. D:

    • bcsc

      Between XDA and Rogers community forums there are a few people reporting it. Seems only Rogers and maybe Verizon. One of the US carriers anyway.

    • Rgo

      Mine had that issue too, Google tried to tell me it’s not a OS issue

    • bcsc

      It may not be. It may be a matter with Rogers implementation of the RCS messaging they just kicked in.

  • Ernie

    Anyone get the OTA yet?