Manitoba distracted driving up 77 percent from last year, says RCMP


  • Actionable Conclusion

    Why is anyone surprised by this? These stories are a dime a dozen but why does anyone think its gonna change? We’ve created technology that literally glues us to these devices and if its not the handsets its the tech in the cars that connect us either way.
    A criminalizing this will have the same impact, which ain’t much, that we’ve seen with the increase in drunk drivers the past several years.
    You want to truly mitigate distracted driving? Then remove all the infotainment systems from these cars and incorporate tech that disables cell phone signals while a car is in motion. Otherwise…its more of the same.

  • Dan

    The number of tickets issued is not an indicator on its own of an increase in distracted driving. It could simply be an increase in enforcement. Police could be looking for it more this year than they were last year.