Say goodbye to Android Nougat’s beta program and prepare for Android O

Android O on a Pixel device

Google has announced that its Android Nougat Beta Program is over and that its focus is now shifting towards its Android O Beta initiative.

The company thanks all users who opted into the service and has updated participant’s devices to the current public version of Nougat. For those who for some reason have not been updated yet, Google is offering the latest version of Nougat via a full OTA image.

Google says it will update its site when the Android O Beta Program launches.

Android O’s beta is likely set to be similar to the developer preview of Android O, however, it’s unknown what features will make it into the first version of the beta. We can probably expect notification channels, picture-in-picture video, custom lock screen shortcuts and a new simplified look for the settings menu. Features such as a pollen counter, a revamped Google search bar within the quick settings screen and an updated phone app, may be things that don’t make it into the first version of Android O’s beta program.

Android N beta users got first access to features such as notification groupings, replying to text within the notification bar, multi-window support and being able to ‘clear all’ within the most recent apps screen.

Though Nougat’s beta program was frustrating when it first launched back in early March 2016, it was definitely worth the download.

When the Android O Beta Program launches we’ll let you know and give a detailed explanation of how-to download it.

Source: Google