Microsoft announces Windows 10 S-powered Surface Laptop at its education event


  • Portaljacker

    Definitely not their first laptop, the Surface Book is.

    • Squishy

      The surface book is a 2-in-1 not a laptop. This is just a laptop. The screen doesn’t detach.

    • fred

      the surface pro is a tablet / 2-in-1
      the surface book is a laptop / 2-in-1

    • Squishy

      Surface, and Surface Pro – Tablet that can replace your laptop
      Surface Book – 2-in-1 ( the screen detaches from the keyboard)
      Surface Studio – All-in-one
      Surface Laptop – Laptop (does not come apart)

  • Attackpoodle

    No USB-C? Even Apple has jumped on that bandwagon

    • rjmlive

      Too much too fast according to… everybody

  • $999? Too much for me.

  • JTon

    incredibly sexy looking :O

  • WaterLover

    $999 with Win 10 S? Kidding me???

    • monkeymo

      All Surface Laptops are eligible for a free upgrade to W10Pro
      All other W10S devices are eligble for a $49 upgrade to W10Pro

  • FlipFlopcarrot

    Device looks good but there’s no camera on a laptop. Even the cheapest laptops now come with front and back cameras but according to this video I didn’t see any. How will people use Skype or apps that require use of camera ?

    • Many99

      There’s 720 hd camera which is also doubles as windows hello sign-in.

    • FlipFlopcarrot

      Oh okay. I didn’t see it in the video so I thought they didn’t add any camera. Is it only front camera or there’s a back camera as well ?

    • Many99

      I went on the Microsoft us site and it doesn’t mention a back camera. I don’t think many people use the back camera of laptops anyways is probably why they didn’t add it

    • Eluder

      I’ve yet to see a laptop with a back camera; seems like a useless piece of hardware on a laptop.

  • HiKsFiles

    How can a 999USD (+/- 1375 CAD) laptop be in any way be compared to a Chromebook, seriously?!

    • fred

      And for a 4GB RAM / 128 GB flash model, is a ripoff

    • ChrisPollard77

      No kidding … I bought a convertible last year with an i5/8GB/256GB SSD for half that price. The only thing I’m missing is the Windows Store lockdown and Surface Pen. I’d like the Pen support, but I have a graphics tablet that gets the pressure sensitive jobs done. If they brought this out at under $500, they’d have a shot.

      How do you seriously release ANYTHING today with 4GB of RAM? That’s inhumane to whoever is unlucky enough to power one up.

    • rjmlive

      Your phone has much less than 4GB and that seems to run fairly well, no?

    • ChrisPollard77

      Actually, my phone has 6GB of RAM! (OnePlus 3 … love it!)

  • jellmoo

    It’s a nice looking machine, and I like what they’re trying to do, but the price defies logic.

  • AMB_07
  • jellmoo

    Wow, per the Windows 10s product description, you can’t change the default browser or the default search engine. I feel an antitrust lawsuit coming on.

  • I get the price going for the Macbook market but they look like the Macbook. Are they hoping that someone goes to buy a Macbook and buys this by accident?

    Artist buy Macbooks because they are gear towards content creation. Students by Chromebooks because they are light and cost efficient. Why is anyone buying a Surface Laptop?

    • rjmlive

      Not too many ways to make a square laptop, but the 3:2 isn’t like the MB, nor alacantra, nor touchscreen, nor Windows.

      Thankfully MS OEM’s make an absolute library of low cost Windows devices that compete directly with Chromebooks.

      Why is anyone buying a Surface Laptop.. ask anyone that buys a Macbook the same.

    • I did and that’s what they say. They buy it for content creation because it is good for that. They pay the price because they feel it will make it back, like an investment. This I don’t understand. It is nice but the price makes it hard to consider when, like you said, their partners make decent hardware at decent prices.

  • gommer strike

    $999 USD for a student’s laptop. I know you guys listed $1,375 CAD but that’s on a good day.

    After taxes is excess of $1500 laptop for a kid. What, is this only meant to be affordable for kids in private school or something? You’re off the pricing mark there, Microsoft. Student-priced hardware is supposed to be inexpensive.

    • jellmoo

      To be fair, they seem to be positioning it as a competitor to the Macbook / Macbook Air, which *is* heavily used by students.

    • What the jellmoo is saying is very accurate. The number of MacBook Pros/MacBook Airs you’ll see around a university campus is pretty astounding.

    • gommer strike

      I see. I guess I was under the mistaken impression that “student” could also mean K-12. For College it makes sense, for a 10 year old I’m not so sure.

  • Munir

    THE price is a joke! And why this is a laptop for students again? Smh

  • Balls O’Steele

    No USB C charging is a dealbreaker. Don’t want to lug around yet another proprietary charger. Will get the Samsung Chromebook Plus instead for half the price.

    • rjmlive

      Cool thanks

  • Warren Chang

    I like what MS has been doing lately getting into hardware but my word they shouldn’t try to copy the Apple model. They should be offering good products for less than the overblown Apple price. I get it, Apple is successful at getting people to pay over the odds but if you want to woo new customers or convert people then offer something better at a lower price, not the same otherwise why would anyone switch?

  • Theo

    Does the screen have a 360 degree hinge? Otherwise touch and pen support really aren’t very useful…

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