Bell rolls out support for Quad Band LTE


  • Yay! You can burn through your 5GB of data in record time!

    • Rob Raymond

      Under a minute!

    • Alex

      43199 minutes to go before i can use data again, =_=

  • Techguru86

    No need for faster data if you don’t have access to THE BETTER PLANS to use it

  • Lulzon

    Offtopic: Anyone know when Bell is releasing Fibe TV as a standalone service? They announced it would be within Q1 of 2017…

    • JoMore

      I know in store they can do it now, but they really push for the bundle with internet.

    • Lulzon

      Thank-you!!! You are right, I went into a Bell store and asked, they said it was brand new to them, but they could do it.

      Here are some notes if anyone is reading this:

      They don’t require an internet connection, they still set you up with a Bell Fibe internet connection and modem, but they don’t charge you for it. It does show up as a credit on the billing. Edit: The internet connection is strictly for use by the Bell Fibe TV obviously.

      The pricing didn’t change.

      I got the bundled savings, which is obviously a mistake, but the Rep said they’re probably still ironing out the wrinkles of standalone TV.

      This is another mistake, but they also waived the $50 installation fee because it looked like I was ordering two services.

      I was surprised that they were able to cancel my Rogers for me. Installation has been scheduled for tomorrow.

  • Ipse

    Give me UNLIMITED 3G data (I get 12-15Mbps) instead of 1Gbps LTE. Sheesh…first world problems, I know.

    • Leif Shantz

      Agreed, with this atrocious speed, you could blow though your 5 GB data cap within 1 minute.
      Give us bigger data caps before investing in XXX Gbps otherwise it’s useless for your customers if they are paying $200+ for a good amount of data.

  • john smith