Watch two men sing about the Moto Z’s headphone jack placement in this ad

When Lenovo released the Moto Z back in September of 2016, many were pleased to see the concept of a modular smartphone done right following LG G5 and the cancellation of Google’s Project Ara.

The phone’s Moto Mods, various modular accessories for the device, ranged from a JBL speaker, to a portable battery pack and a projector. Although the Moto Z2 is several months away from being released and still hasn’t even been announced, the slimness and modularity of the original Moto Z seems to be lingering via this strange ad.

As mentioned previously, the Moto Z is known primarily for it’s slimness and modularity, however this ad actually says very little about the device. The ad focuses on the headphone jack placement on the device, which doesn’t make sense as the Moto Z doesn’t actually have a headphone jack. This could possibly be about the Moto Z Play, though the ad clearly states otherwise.

Furthermore there is no mention of the actual Moto Z until the very end of the ad. Is it possible this ad was meant for the unannounced Moto Z2 (this is probably unlikely)? According to leaks the Moto Z2 Force will feature a headphone jack.

Source: YouTube