Watch two men sing about the Moto Z’s headphone jack placement in this ad


  • Dimitri

    “We moved the headphone jack so it could be easier to find”? How lame is Moto now… Anyone with a brain even a child knows where a headphone jack is…. I must admit the video was cool but had no purpose. Just moto spending useless money on this so they can say they did something…

    • zAlbee

      That’s the joke… Moto is making fun of other designers who worship the tiniest of changes (i.e. Apple)

    • Dimitri

      That might be true, wasting money on something like a joke isn’t needed. They should focus on bringing their devices out and better then wasting money at this point. But what do I know lol.

    • FlamesFan89

      The ultimate goal of advertising is rarely to give you any details about anything. It is more often, just trying to create brand awareness. The entire point of something like a jingle, is so that it is catchy, and sticks in your head, and makes you remember the product.

      This stupid joke of an ad got you talking about it didn’t it? So as far as they are concerned, mission accomplished. Even better would be if you (or anyone) ends up talking to a friend about “this stupid joke ad that has a weird song and does nothing but talk about moving the headphone jack”. All of a sudden, the message is being passed on.

      What it all boils down to is that advertising is a strange business.

  • zAlbee

    Apparently no one understands humour anymore. The ad isn’t depicting Moto’s designers. One of them is throwing darts with a blindfold on, for God’s sake! Just listen to the lyrics: “We moved it from the front to the back” (no phone puts it there), “it was an uber innovation… It was a cosmic redesign”. It’s a joke, duh.

    Even if your hearing fails, you can read the tagline at the end: “They changed the headphone jack, we changed the smartphone.” Not everything is a leak guys…. sometimes it’s just an ad. No excuse for such shoddy reporting.

  • Omar

    Excellent clickbait by Motorola haha. The ad did exactly as intended.

  • Rodrigo Irigoyen

    “When a finger is pointing up to the sky, only a fool looks at the finger”.
    THEY ARE MAKING FUN OF APPLE!! They are even dressed in black turtle neck… ring a bell?
    The add is obviously saying that the innovation is NOT about moving the jack, it is about all the gadgets that they show at the end.

  • tvguy

    haha that was awesome 🙂

  • Nikolaus Tkachuk

    I’m a simple minded highschool drop out….And even I can figure out thier having a jab at Apple… I think it’s a good commercial … And I love my moto z