‘Prepare to dine’ with Bandai Namco’s unannounced video game project

“Prepare to dine” is the phrase Bandai Namco wants its viewers to remember after watching the trailer for an upcoming project. The Dark Souls, Ni No Kuni publishers aim to leave us in suspense with very little information provided in the trailer.

The clip shows an art style not typically used in any Bandai Namco game, however the last scene is reminiscent of the cover art for God Eater 2.

“Prepare to dine” is a play on words as Dark Souls fans are accustomed to the phrase “prepare to die.” It’s a possibility that this is a project that FromSoftware is working on as the Dark Souls series has come to an end.

Last year in an interview with IGN, Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki previously mentioned they are working on unnamed projects but no other information was given.

“Fear not the dark my friend, and let the feast begin,” could also be a link to “prepare to dine,” potentially joining the clip to the next Bloodborne title.

Although Bandai Namco didn’t publish Bloodborne, there is a possibility it might publish the next game like they did with Dark Souls 3. Additionally, the creatures in the game appear to be beastly in nature like the red-eyed monsters in the gothic-style FromSoftware game.

This is all speculation of course and we won’t know more until the game is revealed April 20th.

Source: GameSpot