CBC investigation finds someone is spying on cellphones around Parliament Hill


  • Tim3Tripp3r

    It would probably be easier to find out who isn’t spying on cellphones around the hill.
    I would just assume that the majority of countries we (Canada) we do business with are listening in for either political or financial reasons.

  • MoYeung

    Stop making phone calls altogether…

    • Scott

      it’s not just phone calls, it’s any time your phone connects to the StingRay device posing as a tower. Could be a phone call, could be an SMS, could be a triangulation ping, Facebook checking for updates, virtually anything.

    • MoYeung

      Airplane mode then

  • Avgvstvs

    Uhm its CSIS. Just so we are clear. Also, CSIS actually COURTS individual VPs and EVPs from the various security organizations of Canadian telcos and thry willingly give up info.

    The whole Ottawa attack prompted a bunch of paranoia and this is the state we are in.

    • w00

      I don’t see what benefit it would be to CSIS or CSE to do this.

      They could determine via regular appearances in their logs people that are always around Parliament Hill, etc. (i.e. staff & VIPs) but that info would already be easily available to them.

      The “Bad Guys”(™) are going to be using burner phones, which will appear once then Bad Thing happens.

      The type of data would be most useful for foreign sigint types as far as I can tell; gather data on those VIPs and staffers and some CSIS staffers as a bonus.

      Then, when having secret meetings, etc. they could watch for the appearance of one of these IMSIs from their logs and perhaps determine they’re being watched and to abort.

  • Omar

    This anti-Russia propoganda is so sad. It’s much more likely the only foreign spy agencies spying on Canadians are headquartered across the border.

    • jsebean

      I agree it’s sad, but don’t kid yourself. Buying into anti-US propaganda is no better than Anti-Russia. It’s not Russia. It’s not the US. If anybody is spying on parliament hill, it’s can only be the one, the only, Canada. Do you honestly think they would allow foreigners to spy like this in our own capital for any period of time? If someone as mundane as CBC can figure this out, law enforcement can too, and if it were foreigners, they’d be more than happy to expose it, yet they’re absolutely silent and they’re all conveniently oblivious to it. In the capital! I think @disqus_9L7LHI7kov:disqus is on the right track, as this doesn’t check out.

    • Omar

      Of course Canada is spying on us, never said they weren’t. But you’re aware that Canadian agencies often spy on behalf of the US, right? The reverse is true, too. Look up the Five Eyes alliance. This has been going on for a very long time.

    • w00

      How would Canada prevent the use of devices that are essentially “disguised as regular mobile phones”?

      They can come in inside diplomatic pouches, reside inside embassies most of the time, and would be near impossible to stop.

      And the Canadian security establishment would have access to all Canadian wireless carriers’ data should they need it, and any spies they might be targeting would be highly unlikely to NOT be using burner phones.

  • h2oflyer

    It’s time for me to revive my business of selling tin foil hats and copper mesh phone cases.

  • Unorthodox

    Oh, sh!t! They’re on my Russian azz again. What should I do now? No escape, time to turn myself in.

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