The Future of Mobile in Canada: Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the pillars that defines Canada and sets us apart from other countries.

With the rise of technology and the adoption of mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets, the Canadian healthcare industry is finding unique ways to embrace this shift to create, support and report on everyday needs.

While the numbers are still coming in, total health expenditure in Canada is expected to reach $228 billion CAD, or $6,299 per person in 2016. It is anticipated that health spending will represent 11 percent of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) overall.

There are over 31 million Canadians and health is the largest industry in Canada with one health systems, 10 provinces and 3 territories, all investing in health. With this, the healthcare system is in dire need of a technology revolution to assist patients faster and for better record keeping.

In this episode of The Future of Mobile we focus on Healthcare, specifically how mobile is shifting the industry. We speak with Dave Wattling, Telus Health Chief Corp development officer; Doug Kavanagh, family physician and founder of Cognisant MD; and Chantel Amato, a Canadian who is using innovative technology for online therapy.