Rogers wins ‘Product of the Year’ award for its Smart Home Monitoring solution


  • It’s Me


    • Dimitri

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Rogers did that lol.

    • vn33

      Rogers giving itself the award for Best Value mobile phone plans

    • Salinger

      Sadly, they’d all have to share that award because they all charge exactly the same! 🙂

    • MoYeung

      You can also give yourself an award for being “Rogered”?

    • It’s Me

      Millions of Canadians get that award every day.

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  • Dimitri

    I have the Rogers Smart Home Monitoring. It does it job but sadly the reps put the motion sensor to high and the battery drained within 6 months. Warranty on batteries are now 3 months instead of a year it was before.

    The cameras need updating to 1080p for high resolution as 720p doesn’t seem clear. I have the Canary camera as well and that was has better resolution and comes with audio.

    The lights are similar to the Hue lights but only turn on white. Not colored. I still use my hue lights instead.

    The system needs a bit more working. They just added the Nest thermostat on their system so u don’t need the Rogers thermostat Instead. Sadly I use ecobee so idk when that will be supported… The tablet needs more apps. I spoke to Technicolor which owns the tablet that comes with the SMH and they said Rogers locked the apps to only what Rogers wants.

    In the end the SMH does it job. Sometimes it doesn’t but that happens with any Home monitoring system. I had ADT before and same thing.

  • fruvous

    So it took Rogers 6 years to make it an actual usable product?

  • Bill___A

    The same cameras are used indoors and out. They are made to be indoor cameras. The motion detection is not as smart or sensitive as it should be. I have tried all the settings. The app is poor. It does the job, but certainly isn’t exceptional by any means. The mobile app uses the same credentials as the main Rogers login, which is troublesome if you want to share it. Like others, I have been putting in Hue lights etc. and no expanding Smart Home. It does give some piece of mind but no award from me.

  • fruvous

    Well… a quick look at this “award’s” website shows that this award is a sham.

    What products qualify?
    We are currently accepting entries for consumer products that demonstrate innovation in design, function or packaging, and were launched within 18 months prior to the annual launch date (January 2015).

    The Smart Home product was launched in 2011 which would have disqualified it from being awarded anything from 2017.

    Backed by Rogers Media:
    Rogers Media is the premier media company in Canada offering print, digital and television promotional support.

    So they gave themselves an award that doesn’t fall within the guidelines of their process.