Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 is coming to Canada for $799


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  • Darrin McLeod

    You mistakenly have it listed as running Nougat, it is actually running Marshmallow.

    • Nick F

      Most sources are saying the tablet is being shipped in Nougat. Where are you reading Marshmallow?

    • Darrin McLeod

      I had posted links showing the Marshmallow info, it doesn’t seem to be here anymore, I am guessing they don’t like links to the competition.

      I have looked at about 10 sites so far, and the info is split on which OS it is.

    • southerndinner

      Wrong. One Android site said it was marshmallow but it’s actually nougat.

    • Darrin McLeod

      Oh? Because I’ve run across a few, including Engadget and Android Authority.

      I’ve also run across a few saying Nougat.

  • Jon Duke

    Way too expensive for what it is. The tablet market is on artificial respirator. Unless your name is Apple and you sell iPad (and even they struggle), there is no way anyone is paying 800$ for a tablet running a mobile OS in 2017. It’ll sell like hot cakes once it’s 50% off in 6 months tho.

  • jellmoo

    That’s way too close to Surface Pro pricing. Heck, the Samsung Chromebook Plus and Pro strike me as much better deals.

  • Steve Kennedy

    WTF? I’ll stick with my note 10.1. Pass.

  • Nick F

    @mobilesyrup, typo FYI: “Snapdragon 820, a step above the S3’s Snapdragon 652.” Should be S2’s Snapdragon 652, not S3.

    • Mo Dabbas

      The S2 came with the exynos processor. The 652 is released after the tab S2. So for me that sentence didn’t make any sense.

    • Brett Arnold Allard

      Quality article at its finest!

  • Nick F

    The first link is missing info about the Android version.. But yes I see that there is a confusion now from the AA link.

  • DownwithRobellus

    Where are these Android tablet makers pulling out these prices from? It is just ridiculous. Android apps just aren’t optimized for tablets yet to justify a price above $500. I literally have $200-$300 waiting to drop on a new Android tablet but for godsakes is it just too difficult to create a replacement for the Nexus 7 tablet Google released a few years ago but with better build quality, battery and Nougat?!

  • Unorthodox

    4:3 gets no love from me.

  • KiwiBri

    ouch.. thats just too much $$$ in my opinion.. If it were $499 I think it would be very competitive..

  • Nick F

    By the way, how did MobileSyrup have information on the pricing? Samsung never announced it nor the preorder/launch date and all major tech sources don’t have confirmed information either. Is MobileSyrup just guessing?

  • My understanding is that the original 2015 version of the S2 came with the Exynos (T810), while the product was refreshed in 2016 to include the Snapdragon 652 (T813). For example, Staples sells both versions – the older Exynos model for $429, while the newer Snapdragon model for $549:!TO!_2A_5D&sr=true&sby=&min=&max=

  • Stephen Psaila-Rodriguez

    Nick… don’t you think that it should at least be Octacore and of course the price is way too high at $799 that is ridiculous I definitely am not going to pay more than $450 for a tablet yes I am using the Galaxy Tab S2 right now and it is fantastic and I bought it about 2 years ago at Best Buy… maybe it is time to check out the Apple tablet

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  • Frank

    I just got my pre-order tab s3 from best buy but it did not come with the free cover. Is best buy suppose to give them out to all pre orders or is this just a samsung store thing?

  • Paul

    For those interested in the pre-order promotion it’s definitely not clear, so I called Samsung directly and I was told I would get a call back within 24-48 hours. They asked to confirm my contact information including mailing address, which suggests to me that you have to call to get it as it’s not being advertised anywhere. The promotion ends today, so anyone thinking about buying a Tab S3 should do it now because they will ask for the serial number to confirm date of purchase.

  • Mathieu Latreille

    I received my Galaxy Tab S3 yesterday bought from Best Buy and no cover was included.

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