HTC plans to release a mobile VR headset by the end of 2017


  • Smanny

    It makes sense that they would be working on a mobile version, especially since the majority of VR sales were mobile versions in 2016. Facebooks Oculus Rift has small sales numbers as well. However Facebook gets paid for each Gear VR that is sold as well, even though Samsung makes all the hardware. So if HTC can get into a mobile version as well, then they can still make money like Facebook does with the Gear VR.

    Not to mention mobile versions like Daydream VR have introduced a limited amount of spacial awareness to their platform. And with more mobile platforms also introducing some form of spacial awareness this year (2017) as well. This means current platforms that brought a great amount of room and object awareness, are starting to loose their advantage. Especially when it comes to price vs features.

    I have the Oculus Rift, and Gear VR. I can honestly say there is more VR content for the Gear VR vs the Rift. I love VR and see where it is going. I was even contemplating on getting the Vive, especially since I already have a fast PC. However I said to myself that I don’t need another VR platform that is locked to a room or specific location. Even though I picked up the PS VR as well. I can see why people like these systems. However I can also see why people are waiting for some mobile VR platforms as well, especially when it comes to cost vs features.