Microsoft removes ‘Snap’ feature from Xbox One operating system


  • CrazyCanuck

    Eh, aside from Netflix, Snap was a fairly useless feature, and even then, I can’t remember the last time Netflix actually worked when snapped. It did at launch, then at some point afterwards it just…stopped. Haven’t had my One turned on in a year and a bit so I don’t know if that ever changed.

    • monkeymo

      snapping achievements was useful, running music too, but those 2 features should work how they worked back in the 360 era. Hit the home button, launch the guide blades overlay and change the music and look at achievements without leaving the game.

    • CrazyCanuck

      It was so sluggish though, that it was quicker to have an iPad or your computer open as well. And music was too limited, in my opinion, as it restricted you to Groove and therefore a subscription.

      I agree though, the 360 way would be nice.

  • Eluder

    They probably have the metrics for this (via adobe or something else) to see that it’s not a feature that is used often. More performance is always a positive if you ask me.

  • Chug that haterade

    Hopefully they roll this out soon along with Atmos support….

  • Barry Harden

    Had they rolled out more powerful hardware in the XBone instead of cutting corners, Micro$oft wouldn’t be in this mess. Xbox customers never seemed to learn either.