Froyo disappears and Nougat almost doubles in January Android distribution numbers

Android Nougat mascot - android download numbers


  • MoYeung

    Still using ics 4.0.4 on my Xperia arc.

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  • Mr Clown

    LMAO…0.7% on the newest OS that was released almost 1 year ago.

    • Rev0lver

      What’s funny about this? A lot of Android devices are low end and run older versions of the OS. This isn’t news to most….

      If you have a flagship Android phone you have one of the latest versions of the OS.

    • Joseph

      This is true right now there are very few phones with android 7.0 on them outside of the nexus line, the new pixel line and motorola the only other company with 7.0 on their phone is LG with the V20 even the premium phones are about to update their phones with is pretty normal for this time of year and then the number will jump to 10-15%

    • Rev0lver

      The G5 is on Android 7.0 too

    • MassDeduction

      It’s not news, but to those of us on the outside looking in it’s quite strange. Anyone in an Apple (MacOS or iOS) or Microsoft (Windows PCs and Windows phones) ecosystem has a vastly different experience. Apple obviously has it easy because they control all the hardware and system software. Yet, Windows is available in a tonne of configurations and OS updates are almost always no problem. I understand the underlying technical reasons why, but the consumer experience is nonetheless poor. Microsoft keeps the OS and the firmware detethered so that Microsoft can send out OS updates and the OEMs can send out firmware updates independently of each other.

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