Google Play Store adds more detailed ‘Feature Ratings’ to games

The Google Play Store is home to a wide variety of apps and it isn’t always easy to get a sense of the best ones just from five point user reviews. When it comes to games especially, there are multiple factors that could influence how users react to what they find.

This week, a subset of users on the Google Play Store began seeing more specific ‘Feature Ratings’ for games, with multiple categories including controls, gameplay, and graphics. In some cases, a game can be really fun and easy to understand, but if the graphics are ugly or outdated, there might be some users who just won’t enjoy it.

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Users who have the new, more detailed review system will also be able to leave these new detailed reviews, rating the game separately on graphics, controls and gameplay.

Some users who can see the changes are complaining that the app screen is already too busy and still missing info, but getting a specific breakdown of what features might make a game weaker is a welcome new feature.

[via]Android Police[/via] [source]Google+[/source]