Hands-on with the Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Xbox One S bundle

Ahead of the launch of Gears of War 4, the first entry in the franchise developed by Vancouver-based The Coalition, Microsoft sent us the Gears of War 4 limited edition Xbox One S bundle to check out.

Priced at $549.99 CAD, the bundle includes a 2TB Xbox One S console with custom Crimson Omen paint job, one matching Xbox One controller and Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition.

Like the Robot White Xbox One S currently available on store shelves, the Crimson Omen Xbox One S is 40 percent smaller than the original Xbox One and adds support for 4K and HDR video output. Gears of War 4 is one of the first Xbox One titles to take advantage of the Xbox One S’s HDR output capabilities, so those who have a TV that supports the tech will be able to enjoy a version of the game that features more luminous and richer colours. This is also the first Xbox One S model to feature a custom paint job.

Speaking of the paint job, I wasn’t a fan of the look when I first saw pictures of it online, but since seeing the console in person, I’ve grown to like it. Yeah, it’s garish and over the top, but the build quality is top notch.

Moving on, Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition, valued at $129.99, includes the base game, the game’s season pass and a number of in-game character and weapon skins. In addition, the Ultimate Edition unlocks four days before the game’s official October 11th release date. Gears 4’s season pass is interesting insofar as it does things a bit differently from the season passes we’ve seen release alongside other high-budget video games.


Like with most multiplayer shooters, The Coalition will release new multiplayer maps in the weeks and months following the game’s initial release. To avoid splitting the game’s multiplayer community, however, these maps will be free-to-play as long as they’re in the game’s current map pool. By contrast, season pass holders will be able to continue playing on all of the game’s maps in private matches.

Expect to see full impressions of Gears of War 4 on MobileSyrup later this week.


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  • ambleThought

    this or PSVR. Maybe I do need to work more hours…

    • Clint Hoffman

      I know right…lol.
      Seriously though I finally broke down and threw money on a One S 1TB with Gears 4 bundle. $450. I’ll trade it into EBgames for the real Xbox One – Scorpio when it comes out. Maybe they should call the Scorpio the One cubed. After all it will be over 3 times more powerful than the original One/S line.
      In the meantime I’ll probably upgrade to the PS4 Pro. At christmas I’ll add the PVSR…if it does well.

    • purdy44

      I still can’t believe the PS4 Pro won’t include 4k Blu-ray support

    • Eluder

      Ya Sony seriously dropped the ball with that release… now they’re going to have to release another console to compete with Scorpio as well since that is going to be the only true 4k gaming and multimedia machine next year.

  • KiwiBri

    Hi, is MobleSyrup changing or expanding focus to general electronics, tech and gaming? I’m not sure why XBOX is being reviewed. Maybe time to rebrand the to TechSyrup or something else.

    • Hey KiwiBri. MobileSyrup still covers the same telecom, phone and mobile news we’re known for, but over the last few months, we’ve also started expanding into writing about other tech related topics.

      Also, the term mobile isn’t confined to just phones anymore in today’s interconnected world.

    • MailmainDelivers

      Fair enough, but he makes a valid point. Mobile doesn’t really apply to a home gaming console.

    • Eluder

      Keep at it, I enjoy reading about more than just phones as it’s become a fairly boring industry. Not as innovative as it once was.