Here’s what Tim Hortons new augmented reality iOS and Android app experience is like

The best place to eat and drink has returned with the second iteration of its branded NHL trading cards. This time, Tim Hortons has added more flavour by including an AR experience in the mix

As reported earlier, the Tim Hortons Augmented Reality Hockey Cards app was created by Toronto’s AR and VR studio Seed Interactive and can be used on both iOS and Android devices.

First, take the time to venture to your local Timmies and purchase a glorious beverage and the new Upper Deck hockey cards. There are two ways Tims’ and Seed have brought more life to your everyday routine, through scanning your World Cup of Hockey cups or the cards.


Download the app and accept the terms and conditions (make sure to read them over). As with all AR apps, your camera is a big part this augmented reality experience.

If you decide to scan your cup, point the camera to the maple leaf on the cup and an arena will eventually appear with filled with lights, crowd, and a ginormous Timmies cup at centre ice.


As for the cards, the app recognizes all 100 in the base set and first brings the team logo with the player coming to life with season stats.

Overall, it’s pretty cool experience and one that every loyal, die hard Timmies and NHL fan should check out.