Rare Android-powered BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition appears on Kijiji

Spend enough time on Kjiji and Craigslist and you’re guaranteed to find some weird and interesting stuff. Case in point, late last night CrackBerry EiC Chris Parsons, better known as @Bla1ze, spotted a bit of BlackBerry history on Kijiji.


An individual from London, Ontario claims they have in their possession a BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition smartphone with Android pre-installed on it. The poster says the phone was given to them by a BlackBerry employee. Better yet, they’re willing to part with the device for a mere $260 CAD.

Of course, the device could be a fake, or even if it does work, it’s likely stuck on whatever version of Android it is currently on — in this case, probably Lollipop. Moreover, if enough people express interest in the device, its final price is likely to rise.


As CrackBerry notes, prior to the release of the Priv, a number of Passport Silver Edition leaks pointed to it being the first BlackBerry phone to launch with Android. However, as we know now, the phone was something of a test bed for BlackBerry, a stepping stone to devices like the Priv and DTEK50.