Cross-platform development studio Xamarin acquired by Microsoft

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for businesses, and developer tools to make powerful software across platforms is vital to the modern app ecosystem. Back in 2013, Microsoft announced a partnership with Xamarin, a mobile development company helping its clients build cross-platform apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

This week, bringing this partnership to its logical conclusion, Microsoft has agreed to acquire Xamarin, formalizing the companies’ work together with Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, and Office 365. Xamarin already works with over 15,000 customers around the world, including 20 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Their clients include Coca-Cola Bottling, JetBlue, Honeywell, and Thermo Fisher, among many other high profile businesses.

Both companies have posted information about the acquisition on their respective blogs, and promise the change will allow deeper development integration. Microsoft has also said it will provide more information about the acquisition at the Build conference at the end of March, while Xamarin has promised to discuss its future in more detail at the Xamarin Evolve conference at the end of April.

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