Canadians mostly not interested in wearables: IDC


  • Mr_Smoosh

    I find the screen size statistic interesting considering most manufacturers seem obsessed with ever growing screen sizes. Maybe they will start to listen.

    • marbles383

      Aren’t all the best selling phones already in the 4-5.5 inch range?

    • Scott

      I disagree. I think there was an up-sizing trend that happen over the course of a few years but in the last 18 months that has stabilized with most phones being in the range specified with some manufactures that produce multiple models having a standard and a ‘big’ phone.

    • Mr_Smoosh

      Agreed on the levelling off, it’s the small screen size that’s disappeared. I was speaking more to the trend that phones have been growing in size as a selling feature at the expense of smaller screens. Aside from the Z5 compact you’d be hard pressed to find a smallish flagship phone, aside form the upcoming apple 5se.

      I guess really, the 4″ should be a separate segment as a survey question, just like they did with phablets.

  • deltatux

    Problem is that watches only add convenience, and same with tablets. Phones are pretty much necessities these days.

  • Columbo

    Paging @It’s Me… you just called me out on this 2 days ago, do you believe me now? People just aren’t interested.

    • It’s Me

      Actually, no, I didn’t say you were wrong. I said you were obsessed with saying it about Apple. Which is true. You may have similar feeling about other wearables.

  • kevin c

    95% of wearable devices are actually accessories. Without an accompanying smartphone or computer, it’s a glorified watch or wristband.

    When the wearable is powerful/useful enough to *replace* a smartphone, I’ll buy it. In the meantime, you early adopters can go nuts and make all the demands, if only to push the manufacturers faster down the path when I will buy a wearable.

    • MBTechno

      I never expected my G Watch to be more than a glorified watch… That’s the purpose of a smartwatch! I don’t want my watch to replace my smartphone.

  • Eluder

    The big issue with wearables is that most of them are ugly and don’t fit into the style those of us looking to wear a watch, actually want. That’s a big part of why I’ve stayed away from wearables for so long.

  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    The manufacturers and the media trying to make this space a necessity for people…but people are speaking with their wallets…wearables while for some are useful , for some a curiosity and for a majority..useless. So be it…

    • Simbob

      +1 on this; Wearable are a just a new way of making up for ever diminishing margins on smartphones. Spending over 200$ on a watch that need charging every night, will be outdated in 3 years, no meaningful battery life before that time and a possible lack of software update and compatibility with other hardware is plain irresponsible.

  • Ron S

    I’m interested in wearables…but at an affordable price. Right now, it’s way too much.

    • MBTechno

      Yeah, 18 months ago my G Watch was $200, now no Android Wear smartwatch from the Google Store ship for less than $379. I understand that people don’t want to shell out $400 for a wearable.

    • Ipse

      ^^^ This and the lack of real evolution since first gen of wearables. The price increase does not qualify.

    • MBTechno

      Exactly. My old G Watch and the new Moto 360 have the same hardware and run the exact same software.

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