GoPro teams up with Periscope for extreme live broadcasting

Live streaming is becoming mainstream these days, with big companies like Facebook and Twitter working on projects that let users give viewers a live look at what’s going on around them. Periscope is probably the most well-known of these apps, and the Twitter-owned service has been releasing updates at a brisk pace over the last few months.

Periscope today announced a new partnership with GoPro that combines the versatility of a GoPro camera with the real-time interactivity of Periscope. By connecting an iPhone to the WiFi-enabled GoPro Hero 4 black or silver camera, users will be able to select their GoPro as the source of the video stream.

Once the stream starts, users are then able to switch between the iPhone and GoPro video feeds with a double tap, allowing the stream to proceed as usual. There is also a new button available that lets users lock the display while broadcasting, so you won’t have to worry about interrupting the stream accidentally.

Currently, this feature is iOS-only, but GoPro streams can be viewed on any platform. It’s unclear if the company also intends to bring this new live streaming feature to Android at some point in the future.