Google aims to solve the Play Store’s app discovery issues with review highlights

User reviews should be a great way to separate bad mobile apps from the good ones.

Unfortunately, many user reviews are juvenile, vindictive and more often then not, say nothing particularly useful about the app they’re discussing. With app discoverability being one of mobile gaming and mobile app development’s most significant problems, Google has come up with a unique solution in an attempt to solve the Play Store’s recommendation issues.

Review highlights, which are currently rolling out to all Android users on a regional basis, highlight commonly used phrases in reviews. For example, if an app features too many ads and the phrase “too many ads” is repeatedly used in reviews, the term will be highlighted. While far from a complete solution to the mobile world’s app discovery problems, Google’s unique approach to the issue is a good start.

Review highlights give app store browsers comprehensive insight that isn’t possible with a traditional user review. The feature doesn’t seem to be available yet in Canada but should be rolling out at some point in the near future.

Desktop game retail platform Steam has included keyword tagged reviews for a number of years now, so perhaps Google was inspired by Valve’s efforts to clean up its marketplace.

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