New Smart Reply feature coming to Inbox by Gmail

smart reply inbox by gmail

Replying to emails is often one of the most time-consuming aspects of the day, especially if you’re constantly receiving messages that require quick answers.

With the launch of Inbox by Gmail, Google aimed to give users a simple platform to get through emails faster. Today the company announced a new feature feature designed to expedite the reply process even more.

Smart Reply uses the same smart learning algorithms that Gmail takes advantage of to index email, add reminders, calendar invitations and smart attachments. With Smart Reply, Inbox automatically displays up to three possible responses, speeding up the reply process.

For instance, if a contact emails you a question like, “Can we meet next week to discuss this project?,” Inbox will now display replies like, “Yes, I’m free next week, ” or “No, I won’t have time this week.” Google says Inbox’s reply algorithm will improve with time because it learns how users often respond to email.

Tapping on a suggestion automatically pastes that text into the email. Users are then given the option to add additional detail to the reply if necessary. While a simple feature, Smart Reply has the potential to make sending out basic email responses a simpler task.

Google’s latest update for Inbox is set to roll out on Google Play and the App Store later this week.

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