Shop.ca announces plans to pilot drone delivery service

Shop.ca announced it started testing drone delivery through a pilot project with Toronto-based Drone Delivery Canada (DDC). The company noted the partnership with DDC will provide “unparalleled, just in time delivery for Shop.ca customers who desire immediate product delivery.”

There is no indication of the specific markets the drone delivery service will be included in, but Shop stated it will be commercially available to customers, “once all necessary government approvals have been obtained.”

“This partnership marks a milestone for our company,” said Trevor Newell, president and founder at Shop.ca. “By Embracing Drone Delivery, Canada’s next generation drone technology, we are further fortifying our commitment to innovation and adding value to our customers.”

Update: A rep from DDC stated in an email to us that the company will be delivering by drone in “all of Canada. We are working with over a dozen major retailers and several government agencies to bring drone delivery to fruition into Canada.” The complete company list and various government agenies are not made public as they are under “NDA with all of them.”

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