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Portal by Pushbullet makes PC to Android file transfers a snap

Pushbullet has long made it easy for Android users (and iOS users, to some extent) to send quick snippets of information between smartphones, tablets and browsers using a combination of native apps and extensions. For many people, Pushbullet is the central nervous system of content sharing, putting quick notes, links and other digital detritus in a single place to find and share.

Today, that small team debuts Portal, a new way for Android devices to share files with their PC counterparts. Using WiFi, Portal removes the middleman, often a cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive, allowing two devices over a local WiFi network to transfer files often much more quickly than bringing it to the cloud.

The service is optimized for speed, transferring incredibly quickly, for files large and small alike. The service can even transfer entire folders within Chrome. Portal is also set up for Lollipop’s SD card support, allowing all files to be placed entirely on external storage. Pairing two devices is easy, as the phone or tablet uses its camera to process a QR code at portal.pushbullet.com.

Certainly meant for a niche market of power users, Portal is free and ad-free, as is the Pushbullet on which it is based.