We have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Ask us anything!

Galaxy S6

Sometimes, we’re pretty lucky in this country. Yeah, it may be cold a lot of the year, and concert audiences tend to show their fair share of ambivalence, but overall it’s a pretty good place to live.

This year, we were lucky to get Samsung’s latest flagships a few weeks before the rest of the world, and have had plenty of time to play with both of them. By now, we’re pretty familiar with battery life, performance and other nuances — things that some of the other tech sites only receiving their devices this week wouldn’t have the answers to just yet.

While they’re not running final software, and as we’re working on our Galaxy S6 edge review, we thought we’d take some time to answer some questions from you guys.

And just to refresh your memory, the devices are coming to Canada on April 10th on practically every carrier, with the 32GB S6 starting at $250 and the 32GB S6 edge starting at $350.

We’ll try to get to as many as possible in the comments below. Have at it!