Android 5.1 rollout for Nexus 6 now complete in Canada

Motorola has informed us that the Android 5.1 rollout for the Nexus 6 should not be complete. Google began rolling out the new build in early March, but it took a while for all the units to receive the update.

While a relatively minor update overall, the Nexus 6 benefits greatly from the new software, as it enables two more of the phone’s four CPU cores, and reportedly improves battery life.

Android 5.1 also fixes a pretty pervasive memory leak that caused Lollipop devices to slow down over time.

On the features side, Android 5.1 improved, but didn’t fix, the way that Lollipop handles Downtime and Interruptions, while also adding a new Device Protection Mode, dual-SIM support and HD calling.

Other Nexus devices, like the Nexus 5, 7, 9 and 10, should have also received Android 5.1 already.