Sony Mobile chief says speculation about division sale is “completely untrue”

Sony’s mobile division hasn’t had the best year. There’s even been rumours that Sony was considering selling its mobile division amid mounting losses. However, Sony’s mobile chief Hiroki Totoki has since publicly spoken out against those rumours.

Reuters reports that Sony’s Hiroki Totoki was at Mobile World Congress this week to reaffirm the importance of mobile to Sony. During the conference, Hiroki spoke to French-language site La Figaro and said there is no truth to the reports that Sony plans to sell the mobile division.

“At the beginning of February there was speculation about a sale of Sony Mobile,” he’s quoted as saying. “It’s completely untrue.”

It was back in January that Reuters reported that Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai and his team were open to sales or join ventures for its mobile and TV units. Though Sony has since reported its financial results for Q3 2014, the company didn’t public comment on reports that it could sell off its ailing mobile division. Hiroki’s comments are the first official comment we’ve heard from someone inside Sony.

Sony this week announced a new smartphone as well as a new tablet. The M4 Aqua is a waterproof mid-range phone, while the Z4 Tablet is a follow on to the one-year-old Xperia Z2 Tablet and features a 10-inch 4K display.