Motorola preparing first-gen Moto G users for Lollipop update

Motorola is busy preparing Android 5.0 Lollipop updates for a number of its devices. Users of the first-generation Moto G may have received a message on their device with a message pertaining to “Future updates,” warning that Lollipop may never arrive if a certain step is not taken.


A bit of background on this: Motorola recently untethered much of its core software framework to Google Play, allowing the company to push updates to certain important system components without upgrading the entire operating system.

But in order for the Moto G and other devices to eventually receive the Lollipop upgrade, an app, Motorola Updates Services must be, yes, updated through the Google Play Store. It sounds meta, and a little confusing, but in the end it’s all in preparation for the next important step: receiving the actual update.

Motorola is quick to point out that receiving the message does not “enable” or expedite the Lollipop update — it’s not currently available — but that not updating Motorola Update Services will prevent Lollipop from installing once it is available.

Motorola wouldn’t commit to a time frame for the update, either, but customers in other regions have already received Lollipop for the first-gen Moto G, so it should be relatively soon. There’s no timeline, either, for the first-gen Moto X, second-gen Moto G or current-gen Moto E, but all of them have been promised Android 5.0 in the coming weeks.

The second-generation Moto X was recently updated to Android 5.0.1, but it was not without its issues.