BlackBerry Classic launching December 17th, pre-orders now sold out


  • Anthony Roberts

    OMG!!!! Blackberry is getting it right big time…First do a pre order and 2 get the price right….for $499 that is a steal!!!!!! Foxconn partnership was extremely smart big time….BB is coming back with a bang with so many partnerships for BES (Samsung….SalesForce) Stock is climbing up…..Red Passport release for black Friday….The classic is going to sell like hot cakes!!!! They should make color variants as well…White…Red…Pink….MWC BB is going to unveil a concept device (Visa or Victoria slider hybrid phone that uses both touchscreen keyboard and hardware keyboard)…BB Best performing stock from a all time low $6 early this year to $12 today….BES 12 manage all Devices…iOS…Windows…Android…BB10…BBOS….

    To all those haters saying RIP BB….or BB wont survive….or Who still uses BB?? Jokes can be quiet now!!! No other company is making moves like this for the long term future…BB is the best camp to be in right now!!!

    • Surveillance

      I must admit I love your enthusiasm!

    • Anthony Roberts

      Yup 🙂 lol. I am tired of the current smartphone trend…just bumping up specs…its getting extremely boring…no more WOW factor these days….

    • barrist

      “Wow factor” is a phone that was literally made to satisfy old people who can’t let go of their Blackberry Bold circa 2007?

    • Anthony Roberts

      No where did I specify that the classic phone is the wow factor of course not duhhhh….I am talking about more the passport and the BB Phone Codename Visa and victoria that will bring about change in the current trend…the classic is just a Q10 with a with a toolbelt…

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      I can understand your point of view, but I think you are missing the point of the current cellphone market. Its shifting. But not towards smaller screens or physical keypads. Its now shifting towards bigger screens (5″ and up), health integration and eventually screens that will not shatter. Your claiming that there is a large market for these phones, but there really isn’t room at the price point they want. I get that having a physical keyboard phone is convenient, but 80%+ of the people I deal with on a regular basis will not go higher then a 300$ price point or a Smartab/Gold/Medium Tab plan.

      ALSO do you remember the 9800? Not so great. How about the 9810? Any better? No.

      How many places carry the Passport vs a Galaxy Core. Heck, I see more Lumia prepaid phones then Passports.

      My prediction is that Blackberry will release the two phones they have planned in the next few months. They will enjoy a few months of success and then start to lose ground once again. Lenovo will come in when Blackberry is in dire need of cash and will acquire Blackberry. At this point in time, Android will replace the in house OS and will offer customers an easier and better OS to use for business or pleasure.

      Its great to see someone support Blackberry. I personally loved the Z10 when it came out. After using it for a few weeks it was just a poor showing from blackberry. No software support, confusing settings/menus – not worth it. Although, every blackberry in the new lineups did have excellent casing.

    • Anthony Roberts

      The classic was built for the enterprise consumer not the people who have note 4 or iphone 6+….I can see this phone for this price tag selling like crazy for people in the enterprise fleet…a lot of people loved BB10 but missed the tool belt…Lenovo will NEVER acquire BB as John C said it multiple times its not for sale…plus it will never happen the CDN govt will never allow it….also QNX (BB10) is heavily invested they will never use android for an OS…..end of story….

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      But again your kissing the point. Businesses are switch to systems that can work with everything and are going towards cloud computing. 150$ computers, unlimited online storage and more applications then you can think off combined with the Security enterprises needs – look no further then the Android fleet. I’m not saying that the classic or passport will not be a success, but it was wear off. And when companies see that there is no third party support ( or currently realize that there is none) they will be forced to switch.

      Do you always trust what CEOs say? When Lenovo walks in and offers 2-5$ more per share for the company, he will crumble. Especially when Lenovo starts gaining market share in the industry, which is going to happen extremely quickly.

      Again, I’m not fighting with you – I always like to talk about blackberry. I just feel that your predictions are wrong 😉

    • acchaladka

      I respect but I have to disagree with your argument Jonathan. I’m a mid-40s exec running a small business and I’m giving up my iPhone for the Classic – pre-ordered the Classic today after long considering the Passport. I’m very impressed with the apparent changes in software at BB (particularly with Blend) and I miss battery life, faster messaging and a feeling of privacy / security. For media and games I have an iPad. iThing never really synched with my PC-laptop and the forced obsolesence of my iPhone 4s software as well as never-ending battery issues and the premium required, all killed the apple lust for me. As Anthony mentioned BB has figured a couple of key things out including that businesses are their best customer; the Lenovo / Xiaomei discussions are about partnership for the Chinese market, not investment or takeover as Anthony correctly pointed out IMHO. Best of luck to Android – I didn`t go with them for privacy reasons – and here`s to more originality and competition in this sector.

    • Anthony Roberts

      That is the thing I am trying to tell people. The consumer market is a very funny market. People will eventually get tired of android and iphone if they keep on releasing the same bland device over and over. Once people see the passport or classic or even the slider hybrid and they are impressed people will switch however it takes time people are on contracts…..the doom and gloom of blackberry is going away (it’s been a while since I’ve seen a extremely negative BlackBerry article). John C is very smart he said ” I don’t want to just build a generic 5 inch phone” or “I don’t want to build a generic tablet” BlackBerry needs innovative devices like the passport to generate buzz in the media. That is why I know the 2015 roadmap is going to be the best roadmap we shall see in history for devices in terms of power and being unique. Congrats on pre ordering the classic smart move ;).

    • Publius Hamilton

      I was planning to retire my Note3 and get away from Android. I had settled on a Nokia Windows phone until I learned about the BB Classic. Its everything I NEED in a phone, especially the real keyboard and a better assurance of Privacy. I just want a device to make/receive phone calls and texts, and have email. Simplicity…its a good thing.

    • You proclaim to understand business’ … maybe SOHO’s run by the new version of Yuppies … under 100 users.

      Corporations/Enterprises are NOT scaling back purchasing of laptops/servers.

      Corporations/Enterprises by their very nature of business (various) as well as legal restrictions or by external audits do NOT allow for CLOUD based infrastructure or management of corporate infrastructures.

      CLOUD is NOT a solution:
      – Corporations want and need control over logon information, corporate sensitive data, and end user inforamtion. Once in the cloud everything is exposed contracts or not. keypoint RSA is a dieing business!

      – Cloud have power failures, data bandwidth issues that they blame over the hosting solution – expanding downtime. Corporate owned facilities are able to quickly respond and manage such failures in record times.

      learn more of how a corporation functions before you claim to understand one. Actually work for one besides just sales.

    • Benny X

      BB is for sale, it’s just that nobody has offered the right amount of money for it. You can bet if someone waves a ridiculous amount of money in John Chen’s face, he’ll sell Blackberry.

      Of course no corporation in their right mind would pay that kind of money for the likes of Blackberry, so John C can rightly say BB isn’t for sale, and nobody will question it.

    • Publius Hamilton

      You speak the obvious as if its a revelation. BB is not seeking buyers just like I was not seeking to sell my home but still received unsolicited offers to sell. Did that mean my house was for sale? Technically, everything is for sale, everyone has a price.

    • Benny X

      Blackberry was only doing themselves a disservice and losing customers because the perception was ‘BB is giving up and is for sale’. When the new CEO got on board he quickly distanced himself from the ‘BB is for sale’ statement because he realized the damage it was doing in customer confidence.

      Just because the ‘For Sale’ sign is no longer openly displayed does not mean BB is no longer seeking buyers.

    • Benny X

      I’ve found BB10 devices to be obscenely overpriced. I realize Blackberry is no longer catering to the consumer market, but that doesn’t give them license to overprice their phones.

      I had a Z10, paid $200 for it, barely used, when it was still selling for $700 or so new. It was a return, reason being that ‘battery didn’t last’, basically. Easy fix, so I got a good deal, but I would never have paid full price anyhow.

      At the time, Android compatibility was very much hit or miss. I understand that things are seemingly much improved now, but once a bad impression is in one’s mind, it’s hard to change it. I’ll still give a BB10 device a go, but not at the ridiculous prices Blackberry thinks they can demand.

      They’re the underdog, they should be pricing their gear accordingly.

    • midnightdoom

      I as well cannot wait to see what this “visa” will look like. I love my z30 but am intrigued I may have to sell off my z30 for the visa

    • Bri Bru

      Now now, don’t get your hopes up. I do wish they do make a comeback with this phone but imho, this doesn’t seem to be the one that they’ll make their comeback with. MAYBE the passport, but not this one. If this was cheaper at <$400, then that might do.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Remember though ….this phone is more for the enterprise fleet….and for people who want the tool belt……I can see this selling more than the passport….you will be surprised a lot of people want this phone….

    • J_O_N_A_T_H_A_N

      Have a Q10 and still prefer zooming/cursor placement with the trackpad over pinching, especially with a smaller screen. But that’s only major complaint. This device has solid battery (2days), BT4, processor, GPS, etc. While a 3.5″ Screen is appealing, still like being able to pocket this phone with my wallet. Especially in the summer.

    • ToniCipriani

      It’s actually not too bad. 399 would have been the sweet spot, but don’t forget most of these will be sold with a corporate plan on 3-year at $0.

      I’m seriously considering this now.

    • Publius Hamilton

      I still pine for my Motorola Razr flip phone. I never butt dialed anyone..and might not have gotten divorced had I still had a flip phone. lol

    • Benny X

      I bet it only costs them $200 or less to make, so that $500 price isn’t such a steal. $350 or so would be reasonable, but at $499 I doubt many will spring for this device.

    • ArberBeq

      There are plenty of other costs including warranty, support, R&D, etc that aren’t factored into that “$200” imaginary figure

    • Benny X

      possibly, but that’s not what most people consider when deciding if something is worth it or not…

    • bigshynepo

      So pumped for the Classic! It’s like the Blackberry One-Two punch…One *BAM!* with the Passport to get people excited and then Two *BAM!* with the high-res Classic to get those final Bold users upgrading! Been loving my Q10 and I’m loving the roll BB is on, OS 10.3 is awesome!

  • Guest

    LOL you’re funny 🙂

  • Surveillance

    I really wish BB had an app ecosystem that could compete with IOS on a consumer scale.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Yah I know iOS ecosystem is unmatched however for BB to get that their market share has to increase to a significant # then we shall see more Devs coming to our side but this will take time my friend.

    • GGB

      Well, you can run Android apps on the BB operating system.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Yah I know lol :).

    • narg

      Cool, you can run viruses on a BB! That’s awesome.

    • GGB

      Please go educate yourself and come back.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Before installing any android app on blackberry it will scan the app before installing it so viruses will never happen :).

  • Guest

    Unlike you my friend I am tired of the same boring phones coming out every year bigger screens and bigger processor but no true changes in terms of how we truly connect……I want a mobile world with change…not some phone with fingerprint scanner…heart rate monitor….or whatever……

    Thanks I am a fool 🙂 appreciate the comment…and I wish I worked for them I would be in heaven and have a better car 🙂

  • MordimerYYC

    The pre-order states “Works with GSM Carriers only. Bands include: FD-LTE: 1,2,4,5,7,13,17,25. HSPA: 1,2,4,5/6”. Does it mean it will not work on Wind Mobile? Wind subscribers can roam on GSM, but they use HSPA+ technology / AWS frequency? The good old Bold 9900 works just fine on Wind.

    • ToniCipriani

      Wind is AWS Band 4 HSPA, so it will work.

    • MordimerYYC

      Thank you. Wind replied with 1700 / 2100 MHz and check with Blackberry *eye roll* Why can’t they communicate using the same terms? Since I’m not quite educated to know that HSPA Band 4 = 1700 / 2100 MHz frequency…?

    • Sérgio Da Silva

      Don’t forget Google is your friend 🙂

    • J-Ro

      That means it will not work with CDMA carriers. I don;t know if we have any in Canada anymore but the US has Verizon and Sprint and there are out of luck.

  • barrist

    Funny, I recall some saying this would be priced at $399..

    • IgnoranceIsBliss

      A lot of people (myself included) expected it to be launched at $399. At $499, I find it a bit much (despite wanting to get one). As the exchange rate stinks right now, I can see why it isn’t the same price as in the US ($449), but I think it would have been better at $350 USD and $400 CDN or $400 USD and $450 CDN, max.

      ShopBB does have sales a few times a year so I’ll wait until it drops to $400 to get one

    • Plazmic Flame

      That was all speculation.

  • gaber c

    I’m happy to see BlackBerry making some progression in the right direction. However, this is will only gain traction in the small-mid business sector IMO. The average consumer (iphone/samsung) probably won’t take a second look the classic unfortunately. They need to keep working on their eco system and apps. It boggles my mind that they haven’t upgraded to more energy efficient processors. They could get some serious battery life to give them an advantage.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Battery life would be better if manufacturers would stop this PPI war…720p to 1080p is the max we should go….this QHD on a 5″+ phone is ridiculous and overkill….

  • I must admit it is about time the Blackberry Classic was announced in terms of release date. Now I have a more definitive date to give customers.

    • Benny X

      once you tell them the price they’ll Nope right outta there, lol

    • Now will they nope and run into Apple’s arms?

    • Benny X

      I prefer a scenario where they avoid Apple like the plague, and they Nope themselves right off a cliff, to their deaths.

    • What about running into android’s arms?

    • Benny X

      People wanting the Classic likely want it for the keyboard, and I believe there are low-end Android devices to be found that still include a hardware keyboard. So yeah, Android would be the only alternative I guess.

    • I think if someone suggested to Apple to have a keyboard on a model of a future iPhone, that said person suggesting it would be laughed out of the building.

    • Benny X

      It’s a good thing Blackberry offers devices with keyboards for those who want such devices, then. Not everyone enjoys ‘typing’ on a screen. Fortunately for those people there still remains other options.

  • jay

    I think I like it a lot if we have 2011. Back than a lot think were different

  • fonefuner

    the will be the best phone 3 years ago

  • guysmiles

    Good to see they finally have a CEO who isn’t afraid to make serious changes and point BB in the right direction.

  • J-Ro

    I pre-ordered this without a second thought. I cannot wait till mid-December. I am happy with 10.3 but that tool belt with make typing accuracy the best I ever had since my 9700.

  • mostlyfreeideas

    You guys are adorable.

  • awdwa

    I work with the US military. I love my Blackberry. I currently have a Z10, which I am still getting used to. My backup smart phone is a BB Bold. The Bold is only 3G, but it is VERY secure, quite small, encrypts data and it is all business. i think BB’s are very good and have far less security issues than Apple and Android-based phones. I look forward to getting the Classic in a few months.
    Bless you RIM. I hope you stay in business.