Android Lollipop has a flappy bird-like Easter egg

Google hasn’t included an Easter egg in every version of Android, but it’s become something of a tradition since Gingerbread’s setting menu was found to be hiding some pretty creepy zombies.

Android Lollipop represents one of the most significant Android updates to date, so the Easter egg for this version was bound to be good. Now, with the full release of Android 5.0 almost upon us, Google has not disappointed in the silly hidden feature department.

The Verge points to YouTube user Sam Nalty, who has discovered that the Lollipop Easter egg is actually a lollipop-themed version of Flappy Bird that sees users control a little flying Bugdroid as he dodges through (or aims for, we can never tell) lollipop obstacles (lollipopiscles?).

As usual, this nifty little nugget is accessed via the settings menu under about phone. Just tap until the magic happens. Check it out below while you wait for your Lollipop:

[source]YouTube[/source][via]The Verge[/via]