Apple’s App Store saw record-setting revenues in July, CEO Tim Cook ‘couldn’t be happier’

During Apple’s Q3 results in July, CEO Tim Cook revealed that $20 billion has been paid out to developers since the App Store went live in July 2008, with half that total distributed within the past 12 months. The App Store has over 1.2 million available apps and to date there have been over 75 billion App Store downloads.

According to a report from CNBC, July set another record month for App Store. “‘Apple’s app store saw record-setting revenue numbers in July,’ the company told CNBC. ‘The Cupertino-based company also said that its app store saw a record number of customers making transactions.'”

Specific revenue numbers and customer downloads were omitted from the report, but CEO Tim Cook said, “I couldn’t be happier. This is the best execution of any quarter since I’ve been at Apple.”

Source: CNBC
Via: 9to5Mac