Pavlok wants to shock you into a better life


  • 5Gs

    I’m shocked. .

  • St. Misery

    Couldn’t get me to wear a piece of crap like that if you paid me.

  • Jack Lee

    Not to be a total downer but that looks really uncomfortable.

  • SL920

    lol paying something to literally torture/punish you? no thanks

  • It’s Me

    Yup. Not sure many people would pay to be shocked and treated, literally, like a dog.

    • hyperhyper

      People already pay Rogers and Bell to be treated much worse than a dog and to get screwed every month? How is this any different?

    • It’s Me

      There’s a difference between getting screwed by a company you do business with and paying a company to screw with you.

      Maybe Rogers and Bell can give these out to customers. I’m sure they’d love to play a little behaviour modification game to improve their image as the most hated companies in Canada.

  • Hungrier

    Sure, it may deliver electric shocks sometimes, but what’s worse is that even when it’s not shocking you, it still looks like that.

  • Ze Entrepreneur

    I think this a very interesting concept, to be honest. Creating habits is, imo, a crucial step for being successful. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. There’s a website that offers some additional info around the device:

    I believe the concept has a LOT of potential. Just look at all the press it has already received, *way* before its launch. If they can make it to create a certain hype around the product, this could be a very successful launch.

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