Microsoft’s first Nokia ad shows how they are ‘Not Like Everybody Else’


  • Walter

    Step 1: Get your name out.

    • Columbo

      If people haven’t already heard of Microsoft or Nokia they’ve been living under a rock. They used to each completely dominate their respective markets.

    • SilverChariot

      Step 0: Competition is clearly upset with the way the momentum is building up for last 2 years !

      Who is trying to catchup ?

  • adfail

    Probably one of thee worst and dumbest ads in mobile history. What does this show? “You’re not like everybody else” because your phone is yellow. WOW – game changer. Makes me want to run out and get a phone…NOT.

    Good FAIL msft and nokia!

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      You wouldn’t believe how many teenie-boppers choose their phones based either on the desire to be different or to fit in with the crowd.

    • Yasz

      you’re 60, how would you know this?

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      By reading the things they post online, including their posts on MobileSyrup. And I’m nowhere near 60, FYKI. Even if I was, I could attest to my last comment because my own kids would have been in or past their teenage years. Age equals wisdom and does not automatically imply a disconnect with the next generation.

    • McChicken

      i’m 21 and a lot of people are looking for the next hot thing

    • SilverChariot

      You looks 10. How does it matter you ?

    • SilverChariot

      You and your mindset and the message you received from the adv ! That’s why they say “They are not like you Mr. Dumb” ! Clearly its not for you !!!!

  • Omis

    Apple did the whole colour thing with 5c. Or as they are better known as The Ones Still Sitting On The Shelves. Who cares what color the phones are when people are just going to buy coloured protector cases for it anyways? Phone innovation has gone stale again.

    • Peter Parker

      Even if 5C hasn’t sold well, I still see way more in the wild than I see Nokia phones

    • Joseph Cacoilo

      I think the 5c didn’t do well because it was a cheaper version of the iphone, which iphone owners don’t really look for… especially when the cheaper version is still a higher price than most other phones.

  • birdman_36

    Very well produced ad but who is it for?

    • Supa_Fly

      it’s for those that don’t want to be associated as “iSheep” or ‘phandroids’ … complete utter garbage as if it’s high-school popularity contest.

    • Noah Roesler

      In other words, Hipsters.

  • Paul Jerry

    What does colour have to do with specs, performance, and a unit that does what I need it to do to get through my day?

    • rgl168

      And what does Apple’s “Crazy Ones” ad have to do with specs, performance, the rest?

    • SilverChariot

      All those things you asked for is understood, not need to define. No wonder they are growing almost double the rate with nearest competitor “Ant”droid.

  • Superion

    The entire concept of this ad was unoriginal and has been done a thousand times before. This wasn’t even a particularly good example of this type of ad.

    • Supa_Fly

      ^ hmmm … any specific example or is this a statement done in verbatim?

    • rgl168

      Apple’s “Crazy Ones” ad. Do you see any computers in that one?

  • thatcrazyone

    i want to love the windows phone… i really do but ugh. still needs better app support 🙁

    • Olivier L.

      It’s getting better every day, and it is the best platform out there.