Public Mobile set to launch the Moto G, Samsung Galaxy Ace II and Alcatel A392A in May


  • FunkyMonkey

    seems like this gonna be the hottest deal in town in may, if they keep the $40 1gb plan, and you could BYOD,

    After WIND of course.

    • goolger

      or not.

  • Salinger

    Public’s coverage maps still show only the original Toronto/Montréal coverage area. I doubt TELUS just forgot to update them, so I assume this is how they’re keeping their main brand customers from switching to these plans? Or do Public customers indeed get TELUS’ cross-country coverage?

  • ezy_ryder1988

    As a former employee, cash payments were the backbone of Public Mobile.

    • Big Ang

      Clients can still use cash to buy payment vouchers. It creates one extra step for no reason.

  • Big Ang

    What’s up with the high price of the Moto G??? It’s probably the exact same as the Koodo/Telus version and probably uses the Koodo/Telus network instead of Public’s network.

    • unregistered

      Have you tried to buy KOodo moto G outright? Its $150 on month to month tab agreement but if you were to go on prepaid or buy it outright the price goes up to $250. Very disappointing!!!

  • revolt

    is that the 16gb moto G?

    • Anaron

      I doubt it. The 16GB Moto G sells for $199 USD and the 8GB sells for $179 USD. In Canada, carriers are selling the 8GB model for $150 CAD. It seems odd to me that Public Mobile would sell the 16GB model for an additional $100.

    • albert

      I spoke to a representative and he said it is 8GB. So basically what public mobile is saying is that the 8GB costs CAD$250, which is ridiculous.

    • Anaron

      Meanwhile, WIND Mobile carries the 16GB model for $229. I feel sorry for anyone that wastes their money on the 8GB model from Public Mobile.

  • Wahid Karzai

    If they’re going to be using sim enabled networks such as Telus HSPA+ network, I’m switching to Public Mobile prepaid.

  • Scazza

    It is insane they still sell the Ace 2 along side far far farrrr superior devices like the Moto G… Should be a crime for anyone to recommend that over anything else.

  • Anaron

    Even if they’re going to sell a 16GB Moto G (which I highly doubt), it still isn’t worth $250. It’s worth $200, at most.

    • RoboBonobo

      According to the screen grab, that’s what they’re calling the suggested price.
      It looks to me like the actual price they’ll sell for is $170.

  • fishboat_harry

    Been with Public Mobile 3 years, all good. Now it seems Telus is trying to destroy this company a little piece at a time. They made me purchase a new phone in Feb 2014. Now I find out ONE MONTH LATER that this phone will not work in May. WTF. Why are they still selling phones to unsuspecting consumers that they know won’t work on the new band come May. I think it’s time for a class action lawsuit against this company.

  • fishboat_harry

    Wind Mobile CEO Anthony Lacavera said that they would be offering “promotions” to Public Mobile customers to “ease the pain” of the transition…not to mention pick up some of the new TELUS customers.

  • Avro Arrow

    Well that price is completely wrong because I picked up my Moto-G for $120 from a Public Mobile store. I now OWN this phone outright, can go elsewhere if I want and it is a Quad-Core LTE superphone. The performance and graphics are superior to the ZTE N860 and that’s sayng something because performance-wise, I found the ZTE N860 to not be lacking at all, nor did the 800×480 screen bother me because let’s face it, it’s a TINY (caps irony intended) screen! The only real problem with it is that it only has 8GB internal storage and no SD/MicroSD slot so you’re kinda stuck that way. They try to offset that with google drive and cloud picture backup. The other issue is that it has a “non-replacable battery”. I use the quotes because I already found a kit on eBay for replacing the battery in this phone before I bought it. Nevertheless, purchasing a Quad-Core phone outright for $120 with KitKat installed is the best deal I’ve ever seen, especially when one considers that it’s a 4G/LTE phone that is compatible with pretty much all GSM networks, unlike the N860 which was a CDMA and G-Band only phone. The nice thing was though, that the battery could be upgraded and it supported up to a 32GB MicroSD card (which I installed immediately). The biggest drawback was the fact that it only had Gingerbread. Performance wasn’t an issue at all, especially considering that I had it rooted and used Voltage Manager. The ZTE N860’s single-core was stable and cool even with an 800MHz overclock. That was an 80% increase in speed, just beautiful, especially when paired with my oversized battery. At the end of the day, with my two free months of sevice, that $120 becomes $40 so I really can’t complain. Public Mobile (Telus) took a difficult situation and made it not only painless for existing customers, but actually made the experience better overall. Public Mobile’s contract with Sprint in the USA only covers the G-Band network that Sprint uses for its Boost Mobile service and Telus hasn’t renewed it for 4G/LTE so my phone no longer works south of the border (except 911 of course). All in all, after a 2.5 years, I’m still glad that I chose Public Mobile over all the other companies out there. Sure, I’ve had some service and software issues but not more than Rogers, Bell or Telus. Sure, I only had unlimited service within the Golden Hoseshoe and Greater Montreal but I have found that I’ve been within those zones for 99% of the time I’ve had the service. The very isolated incidents where I’ve had to use roaming were extremely cheap. In the 2.5 years that I’ve been with them, I’ve spent a TOTAL of $4 on voice and data roaming charges. Big freakin’ deal! Public Mobile was (and still is) the best deal out there by far!

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