CBC Olympics app downloaded more than 2.5 million times on Android and iOS

The Sochi Winter Olympic Games are over, with Canada near the top of the medal standings, 10 gold medals to our athletes’ names. We all watched some part of the Games, from the mens’ hockey semifinal against the United States to the womens’ curling final against Sweden.

In all, nearly every Canadian watched at least some of the Olympics, according to CBC, but the impressive bit was how many tuned in on mobile devices. As of February 23rd, there were over 2.5 million downloads of the CBC Olympics app across Android and iOS, which means that over 10% of smartphone users installed the app.

But people didn’t just install the app — they used it. A lot. Altogether, the app saw 380 million user views from February 6th to 23rd, though it’s unclear whether those accounted for any specific lengths of time spent in the app, or just an “open-check-close” scenario.

More to the point, the CBC Olympics apps provided more streaming content than any other provider, and made nearly every event available to stream in full on mobile devices. It was an extremely successful Olympics for Canada, but it was also the first time mobile was given the same treatment as its desktop counterparts.