A First Look at Recon Jet: Smart Glasses for Sports

Smart glasses may not be as prevalent as activity trackers and smartwatches here at CES but they are definitely a growing category. One of the most anticipated heads-up displays (HUD) coming to the market this year is from Vancouver’s Recon Instruments with their device called the Recon Jet.

Recon was originally expected to ship the Jet at the end of last year, but that shipment date was pushed out to Spring of this year because the team wanted to improve upon the quality of the product for their users.  


We caught up with Recon’s CMO, Tom Fowler, at CES to get a preview of what the Jet will look like when it goes out to market. And as you can see from the photos we shot, the Jet’s design looks pretty much identical to the renderings shown on their website. 

On the right of the glasses is where the camera, touchpad and display are situated. On the left, extending back towards your ear is the chargeable battery. The Jet itself was very light something that shouldn’t change much when all the electronic nuts and bolts are added in the final version according to Fowler. 

The glasses were also quite comfortable. And despite the extra computing attachments, it was very easy to look out through the lenses to see what was in front of you just like any other pair of sunglasses. This is obviously key if you are going to use these for cycling, running or other sports.


The prototype we tried on had the sunglass shades in but Fowler told us that the Jet will come with four different types of lenses including three different types of sunglasses for various lighting conditions and a clear visor. 

Fowler confirmed that they are on track to start to deliver the Jet out to those that have pre-ordered in Spring. We can’t wait to get our hands on a working model. 







  • Blueliner

    I gotta admit.. that looks wicked.

  • eszklar

    In Jet Black…with Mirrored Lenses. I so want that.

  • Noah Roesler

    Looks like it would make me ride faster

  • Hefftoo

    I wouldn’t be caught wearing this thing. It seriously reeks of tryhard techie.

    • Christopher Doyle

      The funcionality and constant instant information access should far outweigh any ‘fashion’ inhibitions anyone might have.

    • Hefftoo

      “…constant instant information access…”

      Is this really a must? Whatever happened to engaging in banter the old fashioned way?

    • Christopher Doyle

      No Hefftoo it’s not a ‘must’. Most people who regularly exercise use some kind of gps or heart rate monitor. If you are going to use a device of this type then the Recon Jet is the best solution because of what I previously mentioned and the added features of connectability it includes. The ‘Jet’ will not impede you from engaging in ‘banter’ with your training partner while in use 🙂