Galaxy Note 4 ‘may use a three-sided display so messages can be read from an angle’


  • Columbo

    Who on earth has been unable to read a text message because they’re looking at it from the wrong angle? Are there people out there who text with their head glued to the floor?

    • howitzerr

      Samsung: NED MOAR FETURES

    • Patrick Polish

      Both of you dont get the concept. Imagine having your phone on your desk, and a message comes in, it shows up on the side bezel, like the wall street banner, showing you your text so you dont even have to touch the phone to see it. Imagine having the 5 day weather forecast “bannering all around the phone”, email previews, notifications, battery status, instead of a notification led, you can have the actual notification on the bezel…this is not only great, its an epic addition, which has no compromise to privacy because you can obviously disable this.

    • Sukdis Knaatz

      I hate bringing Apple into the discussion, but they are rumored to be working on a “3-sided screen” as well for one of their near-future models. Like Patrick have said, it is mostly for quick notifications, when your phone is lying flat on the table. However, the possibilities are endless.

      Now if Apple comes out with this after it has already been introduced by Samsung, and claims it to be “revolutionary”… well… that would just get ugly. I wouldn’t put it past them, though.

    • Patrick Polish

      “IF” apple implement this, you can expect this in a few years, just like it took them a few years to implement multitasking. Apple are not the gamechanger they once were, my last iphone was the 4, all after that was just nothing more than playing catch up

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      to be fare to your comment, I will like to point out that Samsung did show off a prototype of this such phone last year when they announced the S4 and the Note3. They actually show it working so even if apple makes it out first, which I doubt, the revolutionary term will this time go to the competition.

    • Columbo

      When I’m at my desk the easiest side of my phone to see is still the front. Most people when they’re at their desks aren’t sitting on the ground…

    • Noah Roesler

      What if the phone is facing down?

    • Columbo

      Well why did I put it that way? Also are we supposed to stop using phone cases?

    • Noah Roesler

      I think phone cases can adapt, for me, i put my phone face down because the otter box has a rubber rim and it stops the phone from sliding off my desk. Also, I put it face down so it doesn’t disturb the teacher when it lights up.

    • d a

      Not only do I think that feature would be a gimmick, I think Samsung better understand that a lot of their note 2-3 customers are using it in the field (in lieu of using a tablet) and not sitting at a desk and this feature would add ZERO to my experience. They better be adding a lot more than that if they expect me and the people I know to upgrade.

      Features I’d like to see, larger/louder speaker. Impact resistant bezel. Even bigger battery, it doesn’t have to be that thin. If you have a note you’ve already accepted that it wouldn’t fit in your tight jeans. Oh, and easily rootable and less bloat. With all the junk and their sd restrictions I’m down to less than a gig of space left out of 16. Not cool.

    • Patrick Polish

      Ya but no. I know about 7 or 8 Note 3 users and none of them, including me because i’ve had it since launch, use this to replace a tablet. I’m not even sure 10% of the note users use it’s S-Pen capabilities, i know i don’t, and a few of my co-workers dont either.

      I think your comment is one of an ungrateful, un-understanding, person that doesnt understand how technology works nor how it’s developed. If you think Samsung wil develop a thick phone with large speakers and an impact resiatant bezel, you dont understand how this works.

      Easily rootable? as far as i know, samsung phone have always been the easiest to root, sure, knox might technically void your warranty, but less than 2 weeks after release, a knox proof root was released. As for the bloat, if roots interests you, get rid of it yourself. Bloat is not their fault. And SD card restrictions? i dont even know what that means

    • d a

      No, exactly, you don’t know what I mean, that’s why you shouldn’t be commenting on any of it. As far as ungrateful, that’s pretty much as moronic a comment as you can make. I’m grateful when I get something for free, that’s it. “I don’t understand how technology works”. Well why don’t you tell the rest of us how it works?
      Lastly, did I say anything about the S-pen? If you bought the note 3 and don’t use the S-pen then it appears YOU don’t understand how technology works. I and everyone I know with a note use the S-pen daily. Of course we were all clever enough to find it which made it easier to use.

    • Patrick Polish

      You come back and try to look smart without any incentive to a conversation, just gratuitous insults. I have debunked all your arguments and you manage to only come back and repeat what i say but negatively. I spoke about the Spen because it’s a major feature that differentiates this phone from others, but the fact that i dont use it has nothing to do with the fact that i dont understand technology. I dont care about the spen because i have no uses for it. But bitching about SD cards, and root, thats just a childs stupid arguments.

    • d a

      I see, well calling someone ungrateful might be foreplay in Poland but where I’m from that would have earned you a smack in the teeth. So spare me you “insults” bull. I’m not interested in going back and forth with you because you clearly DON’T understand anything I said. Of course if you really owned a Note 2 and probably note 3 then you would know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m done with you. bye.

    • Patrick Polish

      Where i’m from people like you make 20K a year and live off shopping coupons and governement aid

  • Curtis K Louis

    Sounds weird but might be cool. After CES 2013 we thought the s4 would have side screen, nice the can finally implement it.

  • Jesse Laurin

    jesus christ go away, i jsut spent $299 on a 2 year contract for my Note 3 a few months ago…..

    • ddd

      Three months ago and you still have the same phone? YUCK. Get a new phone.


    Just what we need more glass on our phones, 3 side display will be fun to drop.

  • jay

    We saw the note 3 last years ces on stage! Phone looked awesome just google samsung flexible screen

  • aaron

    Just make it lighter and thinner than Note 3 please…

  • Will M

    Personally, I think that the new format factor just increases the multitasking capabilities to the Nth power.