Koodo introduces $45 / 1GB plan in Quebec to take on Virgin, Fido and Videotron

Koodo Mobile is throwing itself into the ring to compete with Fido and Virgin Mobile in a bid to win back Quebec-based customers lost to new entrant Videotron.

All three subsidiary brands have introduced $45 plans that offer unlimited calls and messaging, along with voicemail, call display and 1GB of data, though the monthly price only applies when applying the minimum subsidy, in this case $200, to a new device. In all three cases, customers must add an extra $5 when applying a subsidy of $300.

The move is meant to undercut new entrant Videotron, which is enjoying a lot of success in the province. Videotron is offering a $50 monthly plan that includes all of the above — unlimited calling, call display, voicemail, etc. — but ups the ante by tacking on unlimited international texting and 2GB of in-province data.

Of course, Videotron’s network only extends to the province’s borders, while Koodo, Fido and Virgin piggyback off their parent companies’ national networks, so the advantages are clear for frequent travellers.

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