Unlocked iPhone 5s now shipping within 24-hours from Apple

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Update – December 10th: Just in time for the holidays, Apple is now shipping the iPhone 5s within 24 hours from their online store.

UpdateDecember 6th: Apple seems to have increased production on the new iPhone 5s. The online Apple Store is now showing it’ll ship to you within 1-3 business days.

The wait for the new iPhone 5s has subsided.

Apple has reportedly scaled production of its flagship smartphone, and is now showing a shipping date between 3-5 business days for online orders, which applies to all storage sizes and colours.

The iPhone 5s sold out within minutes when it was released back in September, and iPhone enthusiasts were left waiting between 4-6 weeks to receive their new phone.

Though Apple has not released specific iPhone 5s sales numbers, as the first weekend results were bundled together with the 5c, CEO Tim Cook declared that “this [was] our best iPhone launch yet,” claiming  sales topped 9 million. Apple is now selling the iPhone 5s in over 60 countries. Prices for the unlocked iPhone 5s in Canada start at $719 for the 16GB and rise to $919 for the 64GB model.

Source: Apple
Via: MacRumours