Big Three carriers promise to be Wireless Code compliant prior to December 2nd enforcement

TELUS, Bell and Rogers, Canada’s three largest telcos based on wireless subscribers, have independently announced they will be fully compliant with Canada’s Wireless Code of Conduct by the end of November.

While this should come as no surprise — all carriers are expected to explicitly follow the rules when they come into effect on December 2nd — they notes that they have already implemented many of the Code’s tenets. All three carriers implemented 2-year contracts earlier this year, transitioning away from the 3-year commitment that is effectively banned under the new rules. Similarly, they implemented SMS notifications to ensure users don’t exceed their monthly data allotments.

Under the Wireless Code, Rogers, Bell and TELUS will be expected to limit domestic and roaming surcharges to $50 and $100 respectively; unlock phones purchased outright for “a reasonable rate” with no waiting time; unlock phones purchased on contract after 90 days “for a reasonable rate”; return phones within 15 days with no undue usage limits; receive contracts with easy-to-understand language; cancel service without waiting 30 days; and limit cancellation fees to only the amount remaining on the phone subsidy.

As we near that date, do you think the Wireless Code goes far enough? What would you like to see added to the listings?

Update: Apologies, the $35 unlock rate was linked specifically to TELUS. Bell and Rogers are subject to the same terms — immediately if purchased outright; after 90 days if purchased on contract — but each charge $50 for the unlocking fee.