Samsung aiming to release smartphones with bendable displays in 2014, foldable in 2015

Samsung already unveiled the Galaxy Round this year, boasting a left-to-right curved display in the shell of a Galaxy Note 3. This is the first trek towards the inevitable availability of smartphones and tablets with flexible displays.

At Samsung’s “Analyst Day” yesterday, the company showed a road map of when they’re projecting to release various displays. From the pic it seems that Samsung is aiming to launch more curved devices over the next year, then merge toward bendable displays sometime in 2014, and full flexible displays — which will break a “technology barrier” — sometime starting in 2015. Mass availability looks like it’ll happen in 2016 or 2017.


During CES 2011, we captured the flexible display in action on video – at the time the resolution was 800 x 480 and was dubbed the “world’s thinnest resolution Flexible AMOLED” and measured in less than 0.27mm thin. Samsung has officially registered a trademark and logo design for their upcoming flexible display brand, dubbed YOUM. The name represents its next generation of display and Samsung claims they’re thinner, lighter and “unbreakable.”

Source: SammyHub