Samsung looking to introduce phones with a flexible display “sometime in 2012″


  • Al

    Big screen? No problem! Lemme fold my phone so it’ll fit into my pocket 🙂

  • hurrdurr

    Dear Apple,

    This is inovation. Please take note.


    The World
    except your Fanbois cause apparently they are into paying double for 250MB of ram in their computers/phones that have to be replaced every 6 months)

  • Alan

    “So whats the benefit to this?”

  • Slype

    So where is Apple on this type of innovation?

    Oh yeah, their hardware ‘innovations’ for 2012 will be LTE, NFC and maybe a screen that is larger than 3.5″ – features that have been available on other phones since mid 2011.

    How’s that whole restricting competition and closed platform thing working for you? Sure, you have 81 Billion in the bank (damn that’s a lot of money) but you are going to need it to stage your comeback once you realize how far behind you are in 15 months from now.

  • me

    First off, they didn’t even move the screens at all. Nothing their proves they’re flexible, just that screens can be made in that position. Second, what worldly purpose is there to a flexible screen? I, for one, do not want one.

    • me

      BTW, I’m an android fan and user, if you disagree with me, let me know why.

    • O_o

      It’s just a prototype; innovative technology.

      If the world thought like you do, they’d probably stop cancer research, since that too has no guaranteed outcome.

    • Manbo

      Flexible means no more broken screens. That’s my initial thought. If you can bend it, it will be made from something that won’t shatter.

    • Me

      @O_o you are an i***t. I’m not talking about a “guaranteed outcome” i’m talking about a usable product. I feel like a flexible screen would be more annoying than useful, unless you can make it rigid or flexible on command.

  • baconeater

    Wonder if these flexible screens would be a pain to type on? If the screen gives too much there may be a lot of keying errors? Neat idea though, would be great for fitting larger screen phones in a pocket.

  • Dewey

    Samsung’s laying the smackdown, that’s what happens when you mess with the chaebols AAPL. Now take that to your mock turtlenecked aspirational marketers and suckit.

  • math

    I too am all for Android but I think they would have to work it out really well cause it seems to me that it lacks usefullness at the moment!

  • Jack

    sick! flexible screen + ICS = *drools*

  • clementine

    “So what are the benefits of this?”

    “uhh, uhhhhhh…”


  • kevinc

    I can imagine an ultra-thin device with a flexible screen, that wraps around my wrist.

    It’s now a wrist-phone.

    No more accidentally dropping the phone, or leaving it behind somewhere, because it’s now wearable technology.

  • skullan

    Let’s see..

    First, cost effectiveness is in mobile phones.

    Then, you make a small room, where you walk into and have a 360 view of one screen for a flawless and fluid view.

  • Gab

    The only Idea I’ve heard so far is wrapping them around your wrist or pulling one out like from some sci-fi movie.

  • Andrew

    I’m thinking in the short term, the phone won’t be flexible (the screen is only part of the rigidity, right?). Rather you might have a little more give in the screen, in case you sat on it or dropped it.

    Or maybe they will make a detachable screen that wraps around your wrist (but then, does it need to be flexible for that, or just curved?).


  • bobbi singh

    Samsung will have a patent for this for sure. Then Apple will take it and use it and claim it’s there own. Lawsuits galore after that.

    Apple is all Marketing. Come on now. Siri or Siri”ously”. That technology has been around for ages. They just do a better job of marketing. I’m amaze RIM hasn’t sued them for their iMessage technology.

    I love this concept and love that fake BB video from yesterday. These guys have no problem showing the world there future and vision. Apple is all secrecy and iFans like it like that. Their motto, “iAnything is the best, everything sucks”

    • Jay


  • george

    I don’t see the use for this, and it looks dumb and cheap. I like the smartphones we have now.

  • 5ABI

    If this is anything like the old plastic resistive screen that had a lot of give when you were typing…I’m out.

    Need to see how it’s implemented to truly comment.

  • zentra

    too bad this idea is no good.

    its one thing to make a screen flexible – try making the WHOLE PHONE flexible – wont happen (can’t twist and turn an integrated circuit, battery, capacitor etc).

  • Zeake

    But will it blend!

  • Idgaf

    yea, u guys are i****s for thinking you can “fold” the phone with a flexible display. Try folding the battery? The plastic /metal casing? Lol sounds like useless innovation if u ask me.

  • Phyxius

    do none of you actually read up on technology and the adances they have made? there is a battery that is in concept, where it is nearly transparent except for the copper transistors that is completely flexible… i mean 20 years ago alone they came up with a flexible keyboard, if not even before that… flexible technology has always been in peoples minds. recently there was a video where your phone once you put it on your wrist it turns into a watch… flexible screen will mean it will not shatter as easily, doesn’t mean it won’t scratch but if it doesn’t shatter one can conclude scratches would be gone also… in my opinion the more we develop this type of technology the more people will be able to take this type of technology and implement it in many more areas other than cell phones.

  • Idgaf

    Ok, lets just say you’re right and its totally possible. But there’s an inherent problem within itself. Look at the second picture of the prototype, and how thick it is. Sure the phone is “smaller”, but its MUCH thicker. Again, useless innovation. I love the GSII and Samsung in general, but this makes no sense.

  • Eli

    “So what are the benefits of this?”


    That says it all right there.

  • Undertoe


  • Interesting

    Geez, you guys. Who needs a phone that fits in your pocket? There are pay phones all over the place!

  • MARS

    An Android powered phone bracelet. Coming soon from Samsung.

  • Phyxius

    those are concept phones, doesn’t mean those phones are the ones to hit the market in 2012.. they are looking to release in 2012…

    do you remember when a laptop was very heavy slower than a desktop, thick… barely anyone had a laptop because was double the price and twice as slow as a desktop….. look at it now…
    techonology will always get better, faster, and thinner, and now flexible…

  • AndroidBunny

    I laughed when the guy asked “What’s the benefit of this?” And he just couldn’t think of what to say.

    Those screens do look beautiful though, nice to have a phone with a nice display. Hopefully this helps create some funky new products.