Older BlackBerry smartphones now being made into a ‘limited series of chandeliers’

This is a good idea for recycling older smartphones.

New York-based Michael McHale Designs have decided to collect “discarded objects in order to make something beautiful.” The company is making “a limited series of chandeliers made out of CrackBerries.”

“The trackball almost seemed to be an erogenous zone.”

McHale is seeking unwanted BlackBerry’s to be sent in to be repurposed into a chandelier that will have a “romantic feel” to it. “This was a design that was almost fetishized a few years ago. It was an artifact that was wasting away in people’s drawers… The trackball almost seemed to be an erogenous zone, so I replaced it with a bright red jewel… I wanted to accent the fact that it was a very special part of the BlackBerry.”

Apparently McHale’s other chandeliers range in price from $167 to $15,000 (USD), but the picture above is an early work called the Ozymandias Chandelier and “won’t be cheap.”

It would be interesting to see this idea take the form of the original iPhone, or the first Android HTC G1.

Source: McHale Designs
Via: MarketWatch