HTC has no plans to bring the One Max to Canada: ‘The current HTC line up of devices is sufficient’


  • vn33

    That’s too bad … It would’ve given the phablet market another option.
    Wonder why ?

    • ryeyeyeyey

      oh ya so many htc choices out there…. lets see on rogers. one and two windows phones.. THE SELECTION OMG!!! and lets not get into fido….

  • Abner

    This would have been my first HTC device since the Magic. Oh well, looks like I’m getting the Note 3!

    • le10017

      i almost bought the note3 yesterday, but that loose button issue on it is distracting. knowing the s3/s4/note1/note2 never having this issue,,,i’m hoding off a little longer, hoping they resolve it.

  • b33f

    I have been waiting all summer for the One Max, and now I find out I have been waiting for nothing 🙁
    I’m pretty bummed out by this.. guess I’ll settle for a Note 3.

    • ITCanWork

      Note 3 is not settling compared to what the One Max actually is.

    • b33f

      You’re probably right from a specification point of view.
      But in my opinion:
      – HTC Sense > TouchWiz
      – Superior build quality
      – 5.9″ > 5.7″
      – Better looking (IMO)

      – Fingerprint scanner (somewhat a gimmick, but doesn’t hurt)
      At equivalent prices, I’d probably go for the One Max over the Note, if given the choice.

    • new_user

      Buy it outright and import it if it’s compatible with the carrier(s) you want?

    • Tom

      Unless you have the time to go across the border and buy from an AT&T/T-Mobile retailer, customs + shipping will make that incredibly expensive.

    • Mike Reid

      Most phones can be EBay’d from Hong Kong and other places for about the same total price, if not cheaper. I’ve bought 5 phones this way in the last 2 years.

      That said, I saved a few 20$s buying an HTC One outright from the Source rather than EBay; Went to Bell but they refused to sell outright, LOL.

  • Dave

    To big anyways. love the build quality though.

  • bembol

    I hate what hTc did everything with the Max.

    I’m very happy with my LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

    • ITCanWork

      You have both? Which do you like better? The LG interface looks ugly, i personally dont hate touchwiz, but the notifications menu in G2 and the font everywhere seems bad. What do you think?

    • bembol

      LG G2 is my Super Phone of 2013, I agree about interface but Nova Prime, HD Wigets, WidgetLocker and Knxt icon packs helped a lot.

      The size is perfect, love the thin bezels, amazing display & battery life, back buttons works. It’s why I love it!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    This sounds more like: “we can’t compete with the note 3, so forget it”

  • hunkyleepickle

    Given the general consensus of a lot of early reviews, this isn’t that bad a news…

  • Paul Figueiredo

    Hmmm. Canada has the largest land area, and therefore the most geographically diverse populations of any country HTC ships to. Different areas of the country produce very different folks. It’s good to know that “each market is different and has different needs and demands” essentially means that my needs on the prairies is apparently (to HTC) identical to a businessman’s needs in Toronto or Montreal.

    What a cop-out excuse HTC. I regret jumping ship from Samsung. I really do. Guess I’ll have to see what LG can offer me next.

  • DratBrat

    It’s amazing this company still have a foot to shoot itself in.

  • Jonathan G.

    Perhaps someone can start a petition to get HTC to ship some to Canada. Just like what happened with the Blackberry Z30 and Rogers.

  • Netguru

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. I find I am buying more and more items online (outside Canada) because I can get exactly what I want rather than settle for something that some retail company’s buyer thinks will do for customers.

  • Billy

    That’s ok HTC, keep it.

  • Braden Nakonechy

    And HTC wonders why they have slipped of the tracks, maybe they should get out of the cell phone business! Making the Max one with outdated specs, why would I buy this for the same price as a Note 3? Now they tell us Canadians don’t need more HTC cell phones. Hard to say I once owned a HTC, but they fell behind and my last three have been SAmsungs with all being great products the Note 3 is by far the most amazing phone I have used or owned.

  • HelloCDN

    Probably none of the carriers are interested. Note 3 is already here, and everybody knows it. Selling a couple hundred of devices is not what both the manufacturer or a carrier would be interested in.
    HTC doesn’t even come close in marketing support for the product too, unlike Samsung or Apple. So they paid a ton of $$$ to the Iron Man – where’s the outcome?
    I think that HTC’s fate will be similar to BlackBerry’s, if nothing changes soon. Which is unfortunate.

  • wes

    Funny cause I was actually considering this if the price was right. Not the latest specs, but plenty enough for me, so if the price was according to what is available in the market, I would have considered this.

    • vn33

      Same here …. Since I plan to buy my phone (a phablet) unsubsidized, was hoping the Max will give a better price/performance balance. Better spec than a Mega, and less expensive than the Z Ultra.

    • wes

      Agreed. Z ultra at 750$ is kinda expensive. Plus don’t like the bezel. HTC One Max should have sold for less than that Note 3 (700$ off Rogers). But I don’t know how they would have priced it, because the HTC One is 650 on Rogers.

  • Dylan D’Croix

    Yeah.. I’ll give it till around march before they give in. It won’t have strong numbers in the US alone, so they will bring it to Canada as a “last ditch” sale.

    • Dylan D’Croix

      It will likely be a carrier exclusive, probably Rogers just to piss everyone off. haha

  • Mark C

    Uh-oh, dude with his reddit education checking in. You think you know how to run a business better than the people working at HTC? Gimme a break.

  • Crow

    Didn’t rogers do the same thing with z30 and got a lot of feedback for it?
    I think htc is trying to do the same thing and just save on advertising..

  • ITCanWork

    Good, it’s a huge, pun intended, fail.

  • ITCanWork

    Does anyone even want this phone anyway? The Note 3 is a much better buy.

    • Bri

      I’m sure there are some people. I’m more of a Samsung/Nexus guy when it comes to android but of course, there are people who prefer Aluminum Uni-body or Sense UI over else.

    • Super_Deluxe

      This phone would’ve been selling like hotcakes if it was I bit smaller like 5.5″. I know I woulda bought it right away but 5.9″ is just too much for a phone.

  • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

    Sorry, but how do you know the HTC One sold well in Canada? Spotting a few out on the streets doesn’t count…
    Fact is, if HTC can’t forecast adquate demand for the unit in Canada, they won’t waste resources marketing & distributing it.
    It’s nothing personal – just business.

    • Granny is ALIVE!!!!

      5 million wasn’t the sales figure in Canada (nor was that figure actually confirmed by HTC directly, only an “unnamed” HTC exec).
      HTC is making a decision not to sell in Canada, not the U.S, UK, etc.
      So clearly, the market demand in Canada wasn’t strong enough to warrant HTC releasing this phone.
      It’s not really complicated.

    • Tom

      In terms of sales, the One (in Canada) definitely paled in comparison to other similarly-priced phones, especially Samsungs, even if it was a better phone in terms of build quality.

  • Jackc

    thanks HTC. im moving on to sony.

  • one5

    HTC, Canadians will remember this, when your a*s is in trouble, and the ship is about to go under.

  • Ivan

    I have actually been waiting for this phone rather than the HTC One, purely for the size. This news is upsetting. I understand there are a lot of factors for them to consider, but I find their “sufficient” to be more than a little insulting. As a long time fan of HTC, who has enjoyed several, I am seriously considering going to a new brand on principle.

  • Harry Saxon

    HTC dropped the ball on specs with the max. If they matched the lumia 1520 it would have been the best phone out there hands down.The 1520 holds that crown now but with the caveat of a half functional os

  • artiplier

    I was ready to pick up a 64GB HTC One when they were first announced. But they were never available in Canada…So after waiting for months based on the One Max rumours of the snapdragon 800, expandable storage, and hoping for something a bit more note sized, I was disappointed to see it only has the s600. However, I was still debating the Max versus the Note 3, since I prefer HTC overall and I like Sense better than touchwiz. But I guess HTC is dead set against people buying their phones and wanted to help me finally switch to another brand. Here’s To Change.

  • SC

    What’s the point of this being a big HTC One with no new software features that take advantage of the screen size? Size is not the only thing different about the S4 vs Note 3…

  • Tyrone_83

    Come last quarter watch HTC say we should have put more time and marketing into our products etc etc. Does anybody remember when Samsung did its press release on youtube for S3 and HTC was gloating on how the One X was better and it didn’t turn out the way it planned for them. The same thing will happen again.

  • Gary Saville

    While I have always been a fan of HTC build quality, their marketing strategy and business decisions are as bad as as Blackberry’s. If demand is limited, bring in limited supply. HTC, you’re hopeless.

  • matthewcouto

    Meh. It’ll be a long time before holding a 6″ phone to your face doesn’t make you look like an i***t. I’ll let the early adopters get the strange looks for now.