Nexus 5 with Android OS 4.4 KitKat rumoured to launch on October 14th


  • thatcrazyone

    well i have already decided that the next nexus will be my next phone so i hope this is right!

    • Bri

      well, I’m not so happy with my purchase (Nexus 4) but nexus would probably be my next phone if they sell it cheap like last time. Btw, the phone looks so much like the new Nexus 7.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Nexus is no longer a developers phone. Huge demand has made it the first choice for value conscious consumers.

    • alphs22

      Why would you make a purchase decision without having a clue on what the product will look like, how it will perform, or what it would be priced at?

      I think it’ll be a great product too, and I hope it’ll come out at the $300-400 range again, but at this point those are just guesses. Your purchasing decision makes no sense.

    • Jesse

      well i for one understand his point… based on the quality of the product we got last time (Nexus4) for the price? if they continue using the ‘Pure’ android stock and releasing it for 25% Lower then all the other guys but the same top tier build quality, i am getting this phone as well.

    • alphs22

      Your post is actually agreeing with mine. Sure you can be excited and think about buying it, but your purchase is still conditional – based on the release price, build quality, etc. Those things are not publicly known at this point.

    • Jesse

      Google has given us no reason to ever think they won’t release a top tier unlocked phone for less then the competition. Its kinda there thing. So assuming it is no stretch… Like assuming in august 2013 that apple’s Next phone will be overpriced and little to no change from the previous gen

    • alphs22

      The Nexus 4 is the only phone they’ve released for much less than the competition. Galaxy Nexus, for comparison, was $649 at launch.

      The mentality of buying something from a company without knowing anything about it is straight up fanboyism. At that point you’re no better than the iSheep lining up for every iPhone launch.

    • Jesse

      Dude just shut up… Some people really like their phones and are excited at the prospect of getting a new one. Based on the launch details and specs of the previous phone, we’re excited at the prospect of a similar type phone… That isn’t fanboyism… That’s fairly reasonable of an expectation to have… And some people aren’t jaded PR*cks and still get excited by the prospect of a sweet phone being released by a company they like. There’s nothing wrong with that and its not an unrealistic expectation to have… You’re just being a dick

    • alphs22

      Classic fanboy rage.

      Stay classy champ.

    • Jesse

      If you call that fanboy rage
      … You must not visit many message boards

    • alphs22

      You’re right I tend to have better things to do.

      But keep on raging!

    • thatcrazyone

      I am getting it strictly so I can stop wondering when my firmware will get updated. That and Google has an amazing track record for the devices they get behind!

    • Liberal Phone Person

      next nexus next phone?

    • Monica Mederios

      Me TOO! ;D

  • Sanjay Kumar

    one thing I like about nexus series is that they always stays unlocked even if you buy through a carrier. No hassle to travel with it in other countries and use their carrier’s sim.

    • Mike Newman

      I really hope that Google continues this trend.

  • alphs22

    Hope they continue to price it around the $300-400 mark, and improve the camera.

  • hunkyleepickle

    somehow since it appears to still be a dot upgrade, as well as the fact that google seems to be updating its core services outside of the android updates, makes me somewhat less excited about the nexus 5. Still hope google pushes the envelope with it thought, on hardware and price.

    • Mayoo

      My personal feeling : Who cares about the dot upgrade. They gave it a new name and that is more meaningful than a number. They are also going trough a hell of a marketing campaign.

      I agree with you 100% for the core services though. Last I/O was deceiving for many because no new phone and no new OS version. But after receiving all the updates, you can only have to admit they did a great job on understanding the devs and users needs.

      I expect major changes. If not, something like ICS to Jelly Bean; Almost unseen to the untrained eye but very significant on daily usage.

  • dizz

    Don’t forget that these devices are sold with developers in mind. Doesn’t necessarily have to push the envelop. Give me a solid high end device at a good price and I’m good.

  • brararsh

    New Android default colour.. hmm Kit-Kat.. hmm.. Red??? :p 😮 NO!

    • Liberal Phone Person

      i hope not.

    • brararsh

      I home the same.. 😀

    • Richie_Peterson

      Or maybe they are giving you colour styles to choose from to allow more options. ei your choice of red, blue, yellow or green colours as your default.

  • Plazmic Flame

    The biggest mention in the article is the fragmentation part, if Google can attack that issue, that would be awesome.

    It’s only screen resizing but it’s definitely a start. The end goal would bring able to be up to date regardless of OEM, chipsets, etc.

  • Skazzberry 2.0

    Why are they going with LG again? The antenna in the Nexus 4 was horrible and the volume was ALWAYS too low for my earpiece and external speakers. Battery life was crap too.

    I have a Nexus 4 and I have to keep chargers EVERYWHERE. I wish they would have gone with Motorola for their own nexus phone.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      ? Wow. I actually find the volume is a little loud for a phone on my N4. My battery life is the best I have had since my LG Gossip years ago. The antenna I can understand, I have issues once in a while with reception.

    • Skazzberry 2.0

      There is no way you can say the battery life on the Nexus 4 is good. I have 2 other friends who have purchased Nexus 4s and we all are having the same problems with battery life and volume level. 6-8 hours is NOT acceptable.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      Hmm maybe we have different versions of the N4. Like I’ve posted before I can max out at 3 days with little use, but two days is regular for me with heavy texting.

    • HeyYoWL

      Have you tried using Franco kennel and Greenify together? Drastically improves battery.

    • jonnny

      dont forget the camera is crap too and the speakers are horrible!

    • jonnny

      i actually have had no problems with the antenna

    • northlander

      you must have gotten a bad one , my n4 has none of those issues . i upgrade to jb 4.3 and it runs fine

  • Adam Young

    I’ll be getting the Nexus 5 whenever it comes out. At this point any phone is an upgrade to my Galaxy S lol.

  • vn33

    Still the best “bang-for-the-buck” smartphone !
    I think this will be my next phone !

  • HatInTheRing

    Do Nexus phones only sell through Google Play? I’m on Rogers and I want the 2 year subsidy.

    • selonmoi

      The Nexus 4 became available on most carriers, but some months after they went on sale at Google Play. Most carriers’ initial pricing didn’t compare favourably to Google’s, though it did vary quite widely.

      All that said, so far each generation of the Nexus program has been handled quite differently from the previous one, so who knows how things will unfold this time around.

    • HatInTheRing

      Interesting. So the subsidy doesn’t help much…

      My situation is that my work pays my phone bills but doesn’t buy me phones (bring you own device). If I get a phone on subsidy my bill goes up marginally at no cost to me. So I want it as cheap as possible in up front cost.

      It really complicates my decision if I have to choose between another premium phone for $200 ish on contract and the Nexus 5 from Google Play for $400.

    • Paul Branchaud

      Your situation is somewhat unique compared to most users. Work pays for the bill, but not the phone. I saw the N4 going for as much as $450 outright from some carriers (Koodo was the only one to ever offer it at the same price as Google Play, IIRC).

      I guess your decision will come down to whether you want an unlocked phone or not. Phones with a lower up-front cost are generally locked to the carrier (not that it’s expensive to get it unlocked, but it’s still an extra expense) and don’t always get the necessary updates. My decision to buy the discounted N4 came after I discovered that Rogers would never upgrade the OS on my 18 month old phone (GB 2.3.5).

      Also, the S4 on Fido with a 2 year contract is $450. The next Nexus should be able to undercut that and be a better phone. The switch to 2-year plans has changed the up-front cost on phones quite a bit.

      The carriers are a big part of the reason Android is as fragmented as it is; so the cost of a new Nexus device is worth it if it keeps me out of BigTelco’s hardware shackles.

      Also, it could be worse, you could be drawn to the iPhone 5S–if you’ve got close to a grand to burn…

    • HatInTheRing

      Thanks @paulbranchaud:disqus that was super helpful. I didn’t even consider the fact that Rogers (the carrier I’m currently on) would sandbag OS updates (which I do know happens). One of the most appealing features of a vanilla Android device is getting new versions as soon as they come out.

      I’m not tied to Android or iOS or any platform. I do my research and buy the best phone available. For this reason I haven’t owned an iPhone in years. And for some reason $919 for this new 64gb version of the iPhone 4SSS just didn’t do it for me.

      I think you’ve helped me make my decision Paul. I think it will be biting the bullet and getting a Nexus 5 from Google Play. Then I have the freedom to go to Telus if I want, I really don’t like Rogers all that much. Plus shedding a dozen ugly carrier apps that I can’t uninstall would be a beautiful thing. Rogers, I will never use your crappy navigation or your awful Anytime TV.

    • Paul Branchaud

      My decision was made final when I discovered that my exact model phone had been updated by Samsung on ATT to ICS a year ago. Rogers was having none of it, and that frustrated me to no end. I’m a mid-range power-ish user, so which version of the OS I’m using matters to me. I understand that it’s not an issue for many people, but Rogers’ arrogance of selling me a phone that was obsolete the moment I took it out of the box has me doing everything I can to get out of their tentacled grasp of commitment that lasts beyond the end of the next month.

      I’ve had the N4 for less than two weeks, but if the pricing is comparable, I might very well order the next one when it comes out and keep the N4 as a backup. My only issue with the Nexus line has been the lack of expansion storage, but if the N5 has 32GB of storage, it’ll be hard to resist.

      Rogers bloatware can be removed by rooting the phone, and you can update the phone’s OS by flashing different ROMs, but I’ve had wildly varying results in the past, so I avoid it now.

    • HatInTheRing

      The storage thing is a hangup for me as well, one that I will need to get over. I have a ton of space used on my phone (about 50gb). It will be a sacrifice trying to figure out what to give up, even with a 32gb version. If it only comes in 16, it’s a deal breaker. But I can’t see them being that stupid. I’ve also read that there is no intention of ever adding external memory to Nexus devices. Such a shame.

      How’s your experience with your battery? 2100mah, non-removable in the Nexus 4. Give me a break. If I’m giving up my removable battery, it better last 30hours.

    • Paul Branchaud

      The storage issue was the one thing that kept me on the sidelines when the N4 was $350, but the $100 price drop made it too good to resist. I’ve had to pare down my music library and podcast list considerably, but, on the other hand, changing up the music is faster when the capacity is lower. (Yeah, I probably pulled something while stretching to find that silver lining…)

      As for the battery, I haven’t found it to be any better or worse than my old phone. I can’t say that I have any one type of day where I can properly evaluate my battery life. If I had to guess, the stated battery life is overrated. With medium use (music and surfing on the commutes and calls/texts/music while working), I can probably squeeze in a workday, but it’ll need juice when I get home.

      I pretty much always have a charging cord with me, as well as an external battery (found a 3500mAh unit at Costco for $20) that is smaller than the phone and holds its charge very well. I guess previous phones have crapped out on me so often that I simply don’t give my current ones a chance to die.

      The battery is a consideration, but not a deal breaker for me. Storage is the bigger issue. If the N5 isn’t offered in 32GB capacity, well, I have a shiny new N4 to use until Google realizes that 16GB is like trying to eat a steak with a spork.

    • Al Chui

      If upfront cost is a concern for you, you could always get the iPhone 5s through Rogers and flip it, then use the money to buy yourself the N5 (and lots of accessories too). Pretty sure you’ll be able to find an iPhone fan willing to buy it off you. I’ve been doing that for years now and have never regretted it. 🙂

    • HatInTheRing

      Interesting idea. How much of a hit do you take on that transaction? What do you think an iPhone 5S would sell for if it was new?

    • Al Chui

      The reality is that you won’t take a hit unless you get stupid & greedy. Thank Apple for having always constrained initial supply (intentionally or not doesn’t matter). If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a device while they’re constrained and sell it quickly on Kijiji, you could probably make a premium on the outright cost of the phone. This is what I’ve done in the past.
      1. Buy current iPhone on contract. Reality is that I’ll have a cellphone for the next 20+ yrs so signing a 2 or 3 yr contract is a non-issue for me.
      2. I’ve always sold my phone on Kijiji, and depending on how badly constrained supply is, I’ve listed it for $100 more than the outright cost and gotten a buyer within 2 to 3 days.
      3. Buy whatever phone I want outright and unlocked.

    • HatInTheRing

      Really interesting. More specific to what @paulbranchaud:disqus is saying, the 64gb iPhone5S is $919 off contract. Are you saying that someone would quickly pay a grand for this phone on Kijiji?

      To take it a step further, here’s a scenario. I currently owe $227 on my contract with Rogers. If I buy this out and buy a 32gb 5S for $229 on a new 2 year, what do you suspect I could net from the transaction? (your projected sale amount minus $456)

    • Al Chui

      You’ve got to remember that the more expensive the model the smaller the number of potential buyers with that much cash on hand. I’ve always stuck with the “entry level” models.
      Here’s the math.
      The outright price on the 16GB model is $812.47 tax in. To make it worth my while, I’d list it for $925. To make the same $100 you’d have to list the 64B for $1,150. If supply is really constrained, people that wanted the 64GB model will take less memory if they can’t find a 64GB model. Whereas those that are looking at the 16GB model to start with more than likely don’t have the extra $225 to move up the other way.

    • HatInTheRing

      $925 hey? Wow. And people will actually pay a thousand dollars in cash for an entry level phone? Who are these people? Don’t they know they can get it on contract for less? Worst case scenario they have a brand new contract to buy out. They’d still save hundreds.

      If this is true, the math works. At $925 – $456 I net $469. That means I get the Nexus 5 outright for zero dollars. Even if I took a hit and had to lower my price to $825 (full retail), I’m still at a very profitable $369.

      One more question, the true entry level phone in this equation is the 5C. Some articles I’ve read have suggested it will outsell the 5S. Your thoughts?

    • Al Chui

      The 5c is the wildcard this year, but yes it would be the “entry level”, not sure how it will affect things. I’m still going to go with a 16GB 5s model myself.
      Keep in mind that while your upfront costs effetively are lower, you are on the hook for the full amount of the phone over the 2 yr contract you sign, so your profit really is approx. $100. Where you come out ahead is that the $469 difference between your Nexus 5 and the bottom end 5s effectively offsets your monthly bill payments for a while (approx 20/mth over 2yrs) so depending on what plan you’re on it may or may not make sense for you.
      Some people like the idea of being contract free, so they will pay full retail for the phone so they could potentially tell their provider where . Personally I’m happy with my current provider, mainly because I’m on a personally liable corporate plan that pretty much rivals what Wind offers so I won’t be switching anytime soon so I’ve never had a problem signing a 2 or 3 yr contract and using the iPhone to finance my preferred phone and subsidize my monthy bill. 🙂

    • Paul Branchaud

      That’s quite clever, but with the up front cost of the 5S being so crazy, doesn’t someone doing this risk taking a massive hit? I know iPhanboys are dedicated, but between $600-1000 worth?

      Also, with Apple’s buy-back program, would this tactic not become a greater risk? For @HatInTheRing:disqus a subsidized phone carries a 2 year contract, the buyout from that would be crazy for a top-end iPhone.

    • Al Chui

      Yes, fanboys will pay a premium. I’ve never been overly greedy so I’ve never been stuck with an iPhone that I bought. See my comment above. I don’t think the buy-back program is going to hurt the strategy, since the strategy is based on flipping the phone while its supply is constrained during the first month or so. The earlier you get your hands on one, the bigger the potential premium you’ll get.
      Buyout on a 2 year contract is simply going to be the cost of the phone.

    • Paul Branchaud

      @HatInTheRing:disqus I assume you’ve seen the other thread about the leaked N5 videos? The initial report was a 3000mAh battery that has since been corrected to 2300mAh. 32GB and LTE round out the significant hardware improvements. Looks like the slightly increased battery life will be offset by the additional radio to chew up electrons. It would be interesting to know if anyone running the N4 with JB 4.3 has enabled LTE and what their battery performance is like–then the extra 200mAh of the N5 might be an improvement (albeit a slight one). I’ll want to see the difference in phone dimensions between the N4 and the N5 before I take the plunge, but if pricing is around the same as the N4, this could be a hard phone to turn down.

    • HatInTheRing

      I saw the Kit-Kat video where the N5 was spotted, if that’s the one you mean.

      I sure hope they go bigger than 2300mah. With a (rumored) 5″ display and a faster processor and LTE etc 10% more battery would barely keep longetivity on par with the N4’s 2100mah. Not sure why companies keep doing the minimum. Maintaining the current life as if it’s acceptable.

      Blogs have cried for years: make the phone slightly thicker and make it last all day. I have no clue why no one is listening.

      All this said, I’m getting the N5. It will be better than the N4 in every way and a year after release the N4 is still consistently rated one of the best phones in the world.

  • Günter Schwarz

    If it’s the same nice price and this time with no glass on the back I will probably buy one. I loved the Nexus 4 but had to go back to my iPhone/Note II because I apparently cannot handle something delicate. Even when I tried I scratched the back 🙁

    I’m really hoping for a better camera too.

  • Paul Q

    Get that 4 out of your price hopes. This can still sell for $250.

  • jonnny

    I hope its LTE because Fido data is CRAZY SLOW. i seriously get speeds HALF what I got on wind.

    • jonnny

      and Wind was slow (4k – i get 2k sometimes 3k max on fido)