Nexus 5 with Android OS 4.4 KitKat rumoured to launch on October 14th

With the Nexus 4 being sold out at Google Play and it receiving its carrier ‘end of life’ status, rumours are that the leaked ‘Nexus 5’ will be officially unveiled in October. The first sign of a potential release date comes with Android-focussed site AusDriod stating that Google and LG will unveil the Nexus 5 on Monday, October 14th – which is 1-month away.

In addition to this date, it’s also expected that the Nexus 5 will bring the availability of Android OS 4.4 KitKat to the masses. Little is known about the specific features Google will rollout, but the upgrade is rumoured to bring the following:

– New notification widgets
– Firmware availability to older phones
– Fragmentation changes (screen resizing)
– Miracast updates
– New Gallery Visualisation
– New APIs regarding animations
– Change android default blue to other preset palette colours

Of course, this October 14th date and KitKat features are rumours. Hopefully we’ll hear something about both soon.