Update: Winner selected in our Huawei Ascend Mate contest!


  • RG

    Thanks for another contest, RTed

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    I’d love to win this!!!

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    could I win this one?

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    Would love to win this Retweeted and reshared!

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    Pick me

  • Josh Andrews


  • Rory

    I’d be extremely happy to win this! Also, my twitter is HumanWasteland, just to be sure it’s known that I retweeted it 😉

  • Danny

    Awesome, also retweeted

  • scaborski

    Oooo, i’d like!

  • Martin Chan

    OH, would love to win the ascend, the screen size is perfect!

  • Chris

    I’ve been wanting this phone for a while. Huge upgrade from my Huawei 8651. RT’d!

  • stanleywhyte

    Don’t really like Wind anymore

  • paul hérisse

    i wish i would win

  • Aditya Joshi

    Hi, retweeted!

  • John Miguel Lopes Vieira

    I would love to own a Huawei phone. I’ve always wanted to get one, but never had the chance.

  • Jasse Jagpal

    Need a new phone

  • Troy Fyhn

    I would love to win the mate its huge!

  • Calvin Lee™

    Good luck everyone!

  • Chris Kraemer

    Love to win this!

  • Katie

    Yay! Thanks mobile syrup!

  • aziz

    Thanks for the amazing contest

  • Stephen Phillips

    Fingers crossed!

  • It’s Me

    Huawei. Sure, I’ll comment.

  • Sufi J

    Mobilesyrup does it the best!! always giving out prizes 😀

  • shae

    I don’t have a phone.. I need one ASAP

  • David

    I need an upgrade and this would work.

  • iheartmasha

    looks like a solid phone! would love to win it 🙂

  • Matthew R

    My Dad really loves this phone it’s big enough for him to see the screen and it’s a great upgrade from his Blackberry Bold 9700. 🙂

  • rainerose

    Love your contests!!!! How exciting it would be to win 🙂

  • Ryan Dixon

    this phone has real potential

  • Jeremie laviolette

    I have been wanting to try a Huawei

  • thm

    Little older but still a really nice phone

  • 刁ㄖ凵ㄣㄣㄇ


  • kvngbbns

    Looks good!

  • victor

    Huawei seems to be making a lot more attractive devices lately. I’d like to win one of these

  • Lennart Langelotz

    Pick me! Help you guys to become popular in Germany!

  • debbie p

    Would love to win this phone,

  • faffy

    Yes please!

  • Dave

    Pretty pretty please pick me! @dbi987

  • Jimmy Therrien


  • Tpickles

    I would love to have this awesome device 😀 Re-shared on Google+ one of the best social networks out there.

  • disurdin

    I’d love to get one of these and finally recieve an upgrade! Here’s to hoping. Good luck everyone.

  • Roger Leblanc

    I’d love to have this one! Retweeting right now!

  • Gagan Mohal

    i would like to win this phone

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  • GS

    My brother needs a new phone…let’s goooo!

  • Ed M.

    tis looks like a neat phone

  • G.P.

    looks like another interesting phone

  • truereligion


    • Daniel Wong

      count me in!

  • hardy83

    I would like to win this phone. My Galaxy Q SSSSUCKS! lol

  • cyanyde

    It would be great to replace my broken old piece of junk. Thanks for the contest. 🙂

  • ughmazing

    yes please

  • cb

    Nice phone.

  • Will Bonville

    Yes please 🙂

  • Rabah Terras

    That would be a nice upgrade from my blackberry lol

  • Robert Potter

    I could definitly use a Mate! Thanks and retweeted.

  • Jesse Laurin

    Yes Please 🙂

  • dilawer

    Wish me good luck

  • sam

    Great contest. Wish I win this contest.

  • Raj

    i wanna win this plz

  • David Huynh

    Awfully nice of WIND to do this. Looks pretty spiffy for a phone!

  • Daniel

    wow 😀

  • Russell

    You guys are awesome. Great site layout, loads of news, reviews and contests. 🙂

  • k vineet chandra

    superb phone 🙂

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    This would be awesome!

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    I want

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  • Arjun Rudra

    fingers crossed

  • Tim H

    I’d love to win this!

  • danny wood

    My phone crashed trying to post this… Please pick me

  • Milt Davies

    Worth a try.

  • Jordan Dysart

    How do you make a dog stop barking in the front seat?

    Put him in the back seat!

  • Lucas pittman

    Im Here

    • Kevin McGrath

      Love to win this beauty. I have a Huawei that I really like, but this one looks awesome! Love to upgrade.

  • Jayare Araneta

    Please, student in need of an upgrade

  • Kelvin Chan

    Recently switched to WIND. Wouldn’t mind having a new phone for it! =D

  • CaptainCanuck13

    I would really love to replace my current phone

  • bmaz

    Count me in.

  • Gary Barclay

    Would be delighted to ascend from the realm of a feature phone to the digital universe of an up-to-date smartphone!

  • Eric Tackaberry

    This looks like a beast, hopefully my RT wins me a prize!

  • Nahuel

    I want!!!!

  • Graydon Morel

    Hope I win this one!

  • tonytraj17

    Hmm looks great. Come to daddy!

  • François Rondeau

    Thanks for the contest

  • Andy Nguyễn

    Win the Wind!

  • Mr.BenSe

    Could be a great replacement for my old S2 LTE. Hope I win!

  • James Rouleau

    Always nice to enter a contest.

  • richard foster

    i love Huawei phones I fell in love with the p6 and I would love to own one of these the ascend mate looks amazing

  • Iman Roy

    In edmonton! I would like this!

  • Sohail

    I would love to have it!

  • arj_85

    Count me in! Appreciate these contests MobileSyrup…Thanks!

  • Toks W.

    i’d love one!

  • John Copland

    Sweet Phone..It would be nice to win!!

  • Lorenzo Policelli

    T`would be nice to win… t`would…

  • Jax Long

    nice phone

  • Tien Ngo

    I want

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    I would LOOOOVE this 🙂

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    Retweet’d! Would love to win this to replace my old bold…

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    gotta love mobilesyrup for the amazing contests!!!

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    I retweeted @roswello and shared on google plus COOL

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    I’d love to win this… Thanks MobileSyrup

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    Me me me! Thanks!

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    Awesome. I’d love to win it!

  • Jefferson Won

    awesome. I’m with wind and i definitely need an upgrade form my crappy lumia 710

  • Michael May

    Thanks mobile syrup!

  • Sunny Kong

    Wouldn’t mind at all. Thanks for contest.

  • Brent Pierce

    Awesome phone! Looks great 🙂

  • Joanna P


  • Sean McConnell

    Sweet, this is all I need for web browsing.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    I wanna try a big big big big screen phone.

  • Dan Straathof

    Me, please!

  • MAmmerata

    Impressive looking

  • xmai77

    Lets do this!

  • Jeremy Oakes

    Would be great to win!

  • deltatux

    Would love to get a chance to win this device. Great device from Huawei! RT’d too!

  • Kent Leung

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  • hotcar96

    I want one please!!! I was planning on going back to wind but my current phone isn’t supported by their network.

  • Arthur Ramsay

    Good luck to all!

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    Would love to win this! Retweeted and reshared 🙂

  • AJ

    I love free stuff!

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    I’ll go for this

  • carey

    Thanks for the great contests

  • Tinh Do

    I would be great ti be a winner with this nice cell

  • Eugene

    Wanna win

  • CitizenTO

    I was thinking of signing up with Wind. Getting this cellphone would complement the service 😉

  • rami


  • Aristo Kwok

    i wantzor

  • Ben Ginz

    Thanks for hosting another contest, good luck to all and I hope I win.

  • Shamar Marshall

    Yeah, count me in

  • Ryan

    I re-tweet all of your contests… one of these days I’ll win

  • Martin T.

    Always wanted an iPhone 😉 Oops, I’m no Canuck. Never mind

  • Josef Izchaki

    Thanks for a great contest once again mobilesyrup

  • Kyle Tuck

    Why not give it a shot…

  • Shane Fudge

    I want to win. But I won’t.

  • Josiah Sweetnam

    This looks like a neat phone! Hope I win 🙂

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    Very Nice! shared!

  • JJohn

    Thanks for the contest MobileSyrup! Reshared on google+

  • silver6113

    GLA shared

  • Hamaza

    I actually like this phone, particulairly the generous battery life that is lacking in so many other phones these days. And I’ve been with Wind for 3 years now. This would be a nice upgrade/reward

  • LFB

    Keep up the good work!

  • Dennis Ly

    This is awesome. Better upgrade my flip phone. Now or never..

  • Darren Cross

    Awesome review of an awesome phone!

  • Craig Husband

    looks good!

  • Frederic St-Pierre

    The day I win something from mobile syrup will be a marvelous day

  • Issac C

    Great! Thanks.

  • j s gill

    looks like a nice phone

  • Amer Altaher

    could i have it please?

  • Jonah McLean

    Ohhhhh man, This is the coolest phone I have ever seen.
    Can I have one please!!!

  • JordanKroeger

    A friend of mine in Australia wanted to go up this mountain near his town, Canberra. I’m one of those guys who sometimes likes a little BBQ sauce on his steak, if ya know what I mean, so when we get there, I say “that’s… a little… mountain isnt it? more like a hill maybe”, he says “Shut up and ascend mate!”

  • Bill Tsats

    Hook it up please!

  • Joey Jubinville

    Nice phone.

  • Saad Inam

    Thanks, will reshare on g+

  • Marius De Allie

    Not a bad device hauwei is doing well.

  • Trail Runner

    Bring it on please!

  • PG

    Would love to get my hands on one!

  • David Ng

    Looks like a really really good phone.

  • Allan

    Please pick me!

  • Shane Keulen


  • Farid Pirani


  • Thr1ve

    Nice! Would love to try this out!

  • Sam Monty

    Beauty in an affordable package. Indeed.

  • Alexis Murari

    İ feel i’m going to win this awesome cell phone !

  • Justin

    My first impression is.. I thought it is samsung.. LOL!!! Same box and same blue colour.. LOL!

  • TK

    A man once asked me, “Which way to heaven?”
    I told him, “You got to Ascend Mate”

  • Walter

    Alright Danny boy I’m in.

  • Dan Maskell

    Free phone?

  • Dwest1814

    Thanks for the contest….Here’s Hoping!

  • Dwest1814

    Thank-you for the contest…..Here’s Hoping!

  • Edmond Tse

    good luck!

  • Ijaaz Dossa

    Hey there Mate! I would love for this Mate to be mine! :p

  • Y.Thai

    That phone could be my first..

  • beyond

    where am i?

  • fates

    cool contest, would hand this to my parents

  • KG79

    I would really love to win this phone because I will be giving it to my girlfriend. She has been using a very old Huawei 2″ screen bar phone. This would definitely be a huge upgrade for her! Thank you!

  • Dave

    Another Great Contest!! Thank you!


    Does look like a nice device…not familiar with Huawei as a cell phone OEM, but would love to have this puppy!


      By the way…I did retweet 🙂

  • Brad Hermann

    Time for a new phone

  • Mike Serafin

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • nunoicx

    support you, wind mobile.

  • Miraldy Andral Colon

    why not ! a phone it a phone

  • Safi Khan

    I would love to win one of these, my old lg is ready to be put to bed

  • Android412

    Pick me

  • Heng Chea

    First time interesting in wind mobile and first time win wind mobile too…..

  • Desi Jatt

    May I please win this, Please pretty please. Thanks

  • Max Newton

    I want it 🙂

  • Frank Marcelli

    Looking spiffy. Re-posted!

  • Antonio Kuniya

    It’s beautiful T-T

  • Shani

    Yay for the contest. Good Luck everyone (including me).

  • Wen Guźman

    thinking of getting this one. Thanks for the contest Daniel Balder

  • Diderot

    I want it!

  • Ron Pritchard

    You fellas are the best!

  • Chamrock

    Thanks for another giveaway!

  • matthewcouto


  • samuelmaskell

    count me in

  • anti robellus

    Would love to get my hands on this one!

  • Larry Kumamoto

    Saw this at a Wind Store. It was big. Didn’t know almost 2 days worth of power. I’m in.

  • Jason T

    I love phablets. I own a note 2 and honnestly I believe 6 inch is where I really want to be. 5.5 is just ever so slightly too small and so is 5.7. 6 sounds right.

  • Marwan Abdel-Aziz

    Thanks! sounds like a nice phone.

  • JPandas

    Thanks for the contest 😀

  • matthew smith

    hrm…why not!

  • sid32

    any phone now a days is pretty good,

  • Scott Palmer

    I’d like to give Huawei another try with this device.. I wish they were better with keeping their devices on the current version of Android instead of their you get what it comes with.

  • ReGenesis

    Great Contest!

  • Alex

    Would be nice to win this! Retweeted and reshared!.

  • S Walter

    WIND Over Rogers & Bell!!! Love to own an Ascend Mate!

  • Chris Castronero

    A worthy prize!

  • Ringhawk

    On Wind and my old phone is damaged so entered.

  • harpoonGill

    looks fantastic!

  • C Hurst-Segers

    Wonderful, thanks!

  • Kaleem Khokhar

    Nice contest once again. good luck everyone 🙂

  • Jesus Rendon

    I want it!!!

  • Michael C

    Hope I win 🙂

  • Angel Anichin

    Look like a cool device

  • Gabriel Provencher

    This! Me want this!

  • Steve Brown

    Huawei Ascend Mate is huuuge

  • Atique Ahmed

    This would be a great upgrade from my infuse 4g 😀 … RT’d

  • Kelvin Chung

    love contest

  • Elizabeth V

    Awesome, thanks. Tweeted and shared.

  • Samuel Turcotte

    Give it to me already! 🙂

  • Clarence L


  • Zvi Vaxman

    great cotnest

  • Dariusz Stochmal

    I like the screen size…

  • Oberon45k

    Perfect contest to win, wind 33$ promo is almost over. New phone and low cost plan = good times!!!

  • John Maddocks

    Ni Hao for the chance to win!

  • JY Deveau

    Nice looking phone!

  • Kaero

    *Crosses fingers* Maybe I’ll get beginners luck 😀

  • duckian

    perfect time to win this phone!

  • zanzee

    I put my mother in law on wind and this would be a great upgrade from the feature phone she has now.

  • yamin


  • Donald foucault

    I work in a ministry that helps Men and Women out of the shelter and into a safe living environment help them find apartments and keep connected from then on. Right now i use an old crappy phone with limited everything and i wish i had this phone I’d appreciate to get it for free but if someone here doesn’t have a phone at all I’d rather they got it before me! My Name is Tiny and Thank you for this great offer!

  • bobygk

    Nice – another phablet giveaway! Thanks mobilesyrup!!

  • Kevin

    That’s about as much screen as I can handle.

  • Daniel Finke

    Definitely would like to give one of these a go!

  • B Ha

    Nice, checking in

  • Jasen_H


  • Yong C

    Good luck

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Fantastic giveaway guys!

  • Amanda

    Good luck

  • Jeff Tavares

    Not often you see a device from another company other than the bigger ones that stands out and looks really nice… I would love to win this one

  • Mitchell Estrada

    done like dinner

  • Eric Huang

    id love to have it, even if i might not be able to store it in my pocket

  • Conor

    Love to win this

  • Brigitte Laskowski

    Would love to win the smartphone on Wind Mobile to give to my daughter on Wind Mobile in Toronto. Her duel core phone is getting out dated.

  • pinkrosev

    Love the contest and phone

  • Rebecca Roberts

    This would be awesome! I need a new Wind phone! Retweeted on Twitter as Rebthecatsitter 🙂

  • Alan H Asgari

    i need a new phone… this lg l7 is driving me bonkers…

  • tony1982801

    i need a new phone badly

  • Kenneth Kwok

    Lovely handset!

  • treefrog

    What are the odds?

  • Patrick

    Sweet contest! Hope to win it!

  • Joseph

    This would be awesome

  • kikonico


  • karla

    Awesome,I retweeted (@ksceviour) and shared on google + (Karla Sceviour) Thanks!!

  • Jemar W

    I never had a Huawei brand phone before. Would be pretty sweet to win one since I’m already with wind mobile 🙂

  • autumn quinn

    great giveaway. retweeted @elizabeth1894

  • Thanh Do

    I want to win!

  • Michael Tran

    Always being generous to the phone community. Thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Tanis Sergeew

    What a great looking phone! Thanks for the chance!

  • Terwax


  • bbny

    Pricing definitely beats Samsung! Nice phone!

  • Darrah Bailey

    Awesome, Thanks for the chance.. Retweeted 🙂

  • Taka_San


  • Kevin

    Hope I win!

  • Richard Xing

    The bigger, the better.

  • Alireza Farahani

    Awesome! re-tweeted 🙂

  • Changa Sjudi

    Thank you

  • shaker


  • Duke Stevenson

    Wowie ! All the way 😉

  • gmd

    Pick ME!

    Could certainly use a new phone.

  • Melissa Donnelly

    Sweet! Thanks for the chance

  • alantsay

    Thank you mobilesyrup!

  • An Ly

    Huawei Ascend Mate, tried one from Wind, return it because it restarted by itseft and took about 30 minutes to get back on Wind network. wouldn’t mind to give it another try if it free.

  • Anson Wu

    Huawei kicks Apple! Huawei ROCKS!

  • Julio Nunez

    Thanks for the co

  • Jnunz

    pick me!

  • Izak Krivoruk

    would love to win

  • Lewtz

    RT’ed, Would love to try a large phone.

  • Martin Jabou

    I wants it.

  • Carlos A Gascon

    I cracked the digitizer of my Nexus and rendering it useless. Having said that, I need a new phone! 😀

  • Stephen Cornthwaite

    Awesome contest prize! Gratz to whoever wins! And thank you Mobilesyrup! Keep up the great up-to-date info!

  • Philosoraptor

    I wouldn’t mind trying this.

  • Apocalypso

    Don’t know much about the Huawei Ascend but since I looooves me some gadgets (especially free ones), I’ll put in my comment for hopeful win. 😉

  • clee666

    Nice phone from Huawei!
    I would love to have one!

  • Brett Henderson

    Awesome contest! pick me!

  • StatelyAutomaton

    I certainly won’t turn my nose up at this.

  • Shayne

    Re-tweeted and shared. Thanks MobileSyrup!

  • porodix porodix

    Why not. It’s about time I changed my phone.

  • Kevin Kevins

    Would love to have a phone smarter than mine! Which wouldn’t be so hard since I’m still on rotary dial.

  • Stephenree

    Huawei !!!

  • Noah Roesler

    I want to win!

  • john

    Awesome but don’t have twitter or G+ haha good luck to those that do.

  • john

    Awesome but don’t have twitter or G+ haha good luck to those that do.

  • Davey

    Never owned one, but I have seen and played with a few. They are pretty rad devices from time to time.

  • Johnathon Wilson



    Sickity sick sick.

  • davyy

    The perfect size phone i’ve been looking for.

  • Geoff Gutierrez

    I wanna winn!

  • Anthony

    Done and done.

  • wemulder

    This phone looks awesome!

  • Atifsh

    For once let me win 😉

  • Victor Seo

    I love this phone me wants it

  • iya

    Gimme gimme gimme that nice boy

  • Elaine

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Andre Rodrigues

    This.Would.Be.Awesome! @ande1rod =D

  • Alexander Fraser

    Love it

  • vipin bansal


  • Srinivas Yarlagadda

    Nice phone

  • Peter M.

    I already have this phone and I love it just as much as my other Huawei ascend P1…. its so Good that my wife wants to ditch her galaxy note 2 for it…

  • Shahzad javed

    i want

  • Ali Kashif

    I love it if I win it

  • bass cleff

    Thx for contests!

  • John Lepine

    YAY Wind mobile!

  • Werethless

    YAY! A Wind Mobile contest! 😀

  • Debbie Bashford

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Kabir Raza

    I want to win, pls pick me

  • Justin Crowley

    this would be nice to win!

  • chachacha22

    What an awesome prize! Good luck to all.

  • Steeve Francillon

    big time!

  • deepbluesea79

    Sweet 🙂

  • Justin MacKinnon

    Want to win…it’s that simple.

  • Michael Cee Cheung

    RT’d @deebotomy
    Thanks for the contest!

  • Varun Goyal


  • Den

    would be awesome to win this one!

  • Jason Hillier

    G’day mate!

  • Karami

    my nexus s should be retired and u can help 😉

  • Thomas Schuster

    I already have one, but it will be nice to have twins

  • Paul

    Pick me!!!

  • Rhonda Morrison

    Would love to try this out! Shared on g+

  • K_Loza

    Great, I need a new phone!

  • samwist23

    No harm in trying out my luck 🙂

  • Jojo Ma

    do I have a chance to win?

  • Kris

    Following MobileSyrup since last week and it is all awesome to be a part of MS. Keep posting new news and such a contest.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Someone is dedicated to down ranking every comment, as if that’s going to increase their chances of winning lol.

  • Geoff Robertson

    I’d love a phablet like this!

  • Jithu Sam Thomas

    Thanks Mobilesyrup 🙂

  • Koob Geek

    Thanks MobileSyrup, love to win a phablet…

  • Jennifer L.

    I retweeted. Thanks!

  • Skazzberry 2.0

    I would like it.

  • Alex Prawecki

    This actually looks like a good phone! Would be nice to have.

  • Adam Young

    Looks like a nice little device, I would totally love win this.

  • J_numbers

    Retweeted, and ready to win!

  • Basem Chafik

    Hope I win

  • Ronald Gruia

    This model shows that Huawei is going to give players like HTC and LG a run for the money. I expect them to eventually fight with Samsung for the top Android vendor spot.

  • Danial Chamberlain

    I would love this phone….my poor bold 9900 is dying….retweeted, goggle +’d

  • Steve Scott

    nice giveaway.

  • Min Park


  • srellok

    Would like this phone

  • Google-Street-View


  • Stalemate

    Fingers crossed!

  • Kanarico

    I love all the contests! Thanks Mobile Syrup!

  • OmerShukrullah

    Pick me

  • Dave Courtemanche

    Cool. Would love to win one of those.

  • Ashley Lawrence

    I WANTY!

  • Jason Fillmore

    Winning would be good.

  • Mal Caibaiosai

    This looks to be an interesting device.

  • Damon Rose

    Retweeted, and hoping for a new phone!

  • Rick

    I could really use a new phone. This one looks really sweet. Pick me … pick me!!

  • Frank Van Bavel

    great contest

  • raoul khan

    Was thinking of buying this.Would be better to win it though 🙂

  • DaRazorback

    I have been looking for a reason to try Wind and this would be it for me.

  • Clifford Chen

    good luck!

  • Fadzie T

    I am desiring this….

  • aaronperl

    As a Wind customer, I’m happy to see it’s the Wind model being offered. RT’d!

  • Bobby Aves

    Pick me!

  • Brent Chin





    Thanks guys for having these contests 🙂 …Hope I can win one, one day :P.

  • applecheesecake

    I want to win this

  • Adrian

    Thanks for the contest. I am in.

  • Ron Cosby

    Love this phone !!!

  • Eugenio Oliveira

    I’m in.

  • Josh Fisher

    Nice looking Phone

  • piaz

    This looks like a good phone.

  • Henry Chan

    thanks ms

  • Rick Loucks

    Oh how I would give her a good home 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  • Probably Complaining

    I’d love a Huawei Ascend Mate
    I need a new phone as of late
    Massive is good
    So misunderstood
    Why are people so full of hate?

  • Craig P

    me me me

  • Sylax

    my luck month, hopefully *finger crossed*

  • Rhett H

    Here’s to another contest I won’t win! 🙂

  • Corey Mangotic

    Pick me Pick me

  • disqus_RoPnl0x9Om

    Awesome contest!

  • Kern Lee

    Thank you for yet another awesome contest 🙂

  • Ka Hin Li

    This is interesting!

  • sohil naik

    amazing phone!

  • Channy

    Nice looking phone!

  • scarecrowsyn

    Very nice. I’d love a new phone. 🙂

  • Patrick De Guise

    I don’t have a smart phone this one would nice to have,pick me 🙂

  • Paul Bryden

    Might be nice to have!?

  • andyb

    Nice looking Phone.

  • Ryan Johnson

    Shared on Google+! Good luck to all entrants.

  • opteron1983

    Oooh id love to get my hands on this bad boy

  • andoni

    nice another contest

  • Mosa Altalibi

    Woohoo! love the new stuff!

  • sasha

    submitting my comment to try to win this contest 😉

  • Michal Fligl

    Very nice phone, especially these slim edges…

  • Alex McIlwaine

    The Ascend W1 WP8 device is pretty nice. Would be happy to check out this.

  • colin carmichael

    I love contests!

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